10 Video Game Cliches We’re Tired Of


The 2010s were a decade that, for the most part, left certain gaming cliches, tropes and trends like quick time events and escort missions behind… only to replace them with even more infuriating distractions that seemed to pop up in damn near everything.

This is a list of the top 10 cliche gaming tropes that we’d like to see be left behind in the bargain bin of history once more, as we enter into an exciting new decade full of new games, new hardware, and new experiences (that hopefully won’t include mandatory tutorials)

What gaming tropes did we miss? Are we wrong about some of these? Do you LIKE to stop and read six page diary entries every 5 minutes in the middle of an action shooter? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The cliché no one is talking about: Have you seen that almost every modern shooter has that new enemy type that doesnt attack, but runs towards you, and explodes. I hate them and now they are everywhere!

  2. Most (if not all) audio and text collectibles in games are OPTIONAL – that’s why they’re called “collectibles”. You talk as if you had to read / listen to them, but actually you don’t! You can just skip them (that’s fine!) but they are in fact VERY NEEDED in terms of building up an immersive and believable environment.

  3. This “complete moron” should stick to Tetris and Pac Man. Please IGN, hire folks who actually play and enjoy games instead of this “married adult with kids and a job” who manages to make even that sound miserable.

  4. Hmm… Another video with more dislikes than likes…

    The only two things I do agree with are the forced midgame tutorials and the skipping dialog. The rest… Man… Yup, I'm with the rest of the audience…

  5. this video does say gLitches right? 2 minutes in & he’s just bitching about coLLectibLes. i Love finding pieces of i for & audio Logs. that’s how expLoration games work. i’m aLso kind of a compLetionist

    haha oh it said cLichés. my bad

  6. I don't agree with any of these, but one of mine would be games that require you to be a higher level so you have to do side quests.

  7. Ign logic Lots of people know how to play video games these days …. made 2 friends last week who I personally introduced to gaming there ages of 25 and 19 ….. yeaaa lots of people

  8. IGN: Complains about well crafted games w deep lore and progression.

    Also IGN: Gives Call of Duty a 9 every year

  9. IGN "Logic": We HaTe hIdDeN LoRe aNd dEtEcTiVe ViSiOn
    Also IGN: Batman 10/10 uncharted 10/10
    Dishonored 9/10
    Tomb Raider 10/10

  10. He’s right. Games should be about getting to play. I’ll watch Netflix if I need to stare at the screen and wait around.

  11. I only liked this video because the bit about baking a cake was hilarious. I disagreed with most if not all of this.

  12. Maybe you want to MAKE a game before you go popping off about what should or shouldn't be in there! Might give you some INSIGHT , as to why certain decisions are made. Will also give you something to point to, when you puff your chest up about how much smarter you are… "My Dude"…

  13. I never liked crafting. He expressed my opinion exactly, i haven’t found a game that I liked the crafting in yet.

  14. Worst IGN vid yet. Just give us some release dates for upcoming games. That’s all I’m here for.

    P.S.: diggin the Dominican uncle outfit…

  15. Sounds like someone that hates their job… Maybe you should quit your job, because doesn't look like this is going to work out for you in the long run…..you go back to playing a mobile game


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