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Haha, apparently the music isn’t supposed to be creepy static.

The Kickstarter ends on Wed, Sep 28 2016 7:48 AM EDT. – Back it here!!! –

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1214 is an augmented reality horror game. Take your fears with you as your actual phone haunts your everyday life. Does the ringing represent salvation or your doom? What happened to you? Who is Anne? Join Anomulus0 as they try to figure out

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From the Kickstarter:
“New ways for solving Puzzles, using your PC together with your personal device. With the numerous possibilities that this devices offer, you will have to have all skills up and running, if you want to discover all the secrets that 1214 have…
1214 is a new game that was born when we were trying to make the users experience the horror genre in a compleately different way.
Each day people use their mobile devices more and more, but those are not able to offer a trully inmersive and horror experience on their own. For that reason, we decided that the combination of both PC and mobile would be great and a compleately new experience could be made. An experience that is not available on the game market.”
Gameplay Trailer:

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