2Pac Ft. Eminem & The Game – PANIC!


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Song name: Panic !
shakur, Eminem and the game
Made by: Mimo , Mimotupac1992 ( me )
Beat by: Scourze Beatz / Anno Domini Beats

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NO PROFIT Intended

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  1. I got to thank Dj Echale Mojo for sending me this amazing beat, his link is in the desciption!
    My own opinion; this is my best work, hope y'all enjoy, worked hard on this one.

    Make sure to check out mobsters.tk and my Facebook page ;)!
    Peace y'all

  2. A woman dies for the spot. You are going to be given a crown. I give it because I see the sadness. Hurt.. Struggle. What if it was me? I've been there. Still am. DJ. Hate-me-yo. Gotta help

  3. ur kids arnt going to see my thangs while the whole world turns table talk aabout it like i am just a chalanging person bitch thought i was a fuck rog i am just one after another ill make it out of anythang one after another on anythang u should of guessed im a dead doctor dose it make sence i am mostly plastic lil nigga first off i shook the whole earth with sounds that wernt herd ever before welcom to what made hell at all time after time i might be just the 50 51 as u thought to sleep with me as u talk to me about thangs really thought u were a hitta dose it even make sence im just the jester till i get to the top of that too right is not left i am a devil i lived a whole lot more dose it make sence of the death sound of my sickness let u know sometime for real u are just so week dose it make sence i let u try to knock me out u wasted ur first that was when i was 15 times up like i wwas litterly 13 u thought u were a herd wepon i am not a bug come bring 21 total dose it really make sence sence i was 16 i been climbing down ladders ur just scard of me while im just waking up from sleeping sounds like ur a real pussy i am a fucking monster u found a fuck er that dont stop last page is choppers everywhere

  4. sorry Mimo I love Pac but I hate Eminem so much !! and I see that you love him too much! I unsubscribe … good luck guy!

  5. Havnt heard a bad mix mimo. You understand cadance and flow. Matches beat flawlessly. Pac with game is a gangsta rap banger. Mad fukin props boi!!!

  6. after the rape accusations did he say rap for the bitches? I don't think y'all heard Pac speak bout how he don't care if a female like how he looks he bout the mission


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