5 Games Like Inside


Here are five games like Inside. Inside is literally one of my favorite games. It does so many things about as close to perfect as any game can. It really nails the mark for what an atmospheric puzzle platformer is. It’s something that everyone who owns an Xbox should give a chance. If you end up loving it. There are a lot of other games that deserve your time. Here are 5 of our favorite games for people who like inside. There are fantastic indie games like Inside. Four of them come from the ID@xbox program and two are on game pass.

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Little Nightmares:

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  1. Little Nightmares is amazing!!! Cant wait for number 2! Looked up this video to see what other games were like it. I also love Inside and Limbo is what got me hooked on these types of games!!!! Thanks for the recommendations!

  2. Mechanarium is also a reaaally great game it has a heavy feeling to it and really great puzzles I’d definitely recommend

  3. It's too bad, that The Swapper is not on your list. One of the best, if we talking about smart, interesting and deep platformer games. The whole concept and atmosphere is worth a try, and as you proceed, the things just getting harder and more wierd 🙂
    Here, you can check the first few minutes:

  4. Dude back when I played Limbo I almost $%!& myself when I saw the Spider, Little Nightmares will give me nightmares.

  5. Great recommendations! Thank you. But where can I download the little nightmare game and candle stick? oh btw are they android games?

  6. The king daddy of these games must be Another world / Out of this world (1991)You seem to be able to play it for free online, though the few I tried had terrible sound.
    You can also buy the 20th anniversary edition, which has been refined(much higher resolution options etc):https://store.steampowered.com/app/233550/Another_World__20th_Anniversary_Edition/ It's still a very enjoyable(but difficult) game, the graphical style holds up a lot better than most old games too.

  7. You forgot somerville

    Check out the 2 trailers it's not out yet:https://youtu.be/3Wecsb0EiPc



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