5 Strange Mindfuck Games for Low-Spec PCs (With Steam Download Links)


These games will mess with your head.

Get them here :

0:53 : The Fall

3:08 : The Stanley Parable

5:57 : Parallax

7:07 : Gorogoa

8:48 : The Swapper

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PC Specs

CPU : Intel Core i5-6600
RAM : 32 GB G.Skill Ripjaws V DDR4 @3200MHz
Motherboard : MSI Krait Gaming 3x
GPU : 2 x Radeon R9 290 (Crossfire)

Nguồn: https://aancom88.com/

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  1. Very nice list! Your presentation is excellent and I love the blend in of your commentary to the narrator for the Stanley parable section. The only thing I would recommend is stepping up the pace it's a great list of great games but those with out a huge attention span are likely to tune out on a 5 game list that takes 13ish minutes before you've gotten to finish.


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