Advanced Excel Filter (And, Or, Between conditions for criteria range)


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How does Advanced Filter work in Excel? In this quick tutorial I show you many examples that explain:
1. How to setup advanced filter
2. How to use the criteria range in advanced filter
3. How to use wildcards
4. How to setup your criteria to filter for OR / AND conditions
5. How to filter between two dates or two numbers with advanced filter
6. How to get a list of unique values

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  1. How we will do it if we want to avoid certain column e.g here we dont want to see date column in the filtered data?

  2. learning advanced filters from your video made life so easier when working with SAP-reports. Can you explain how to use filter when ,say, One column say Tender ID has one row filled but adjacent column providing, say, RFQ nos. corresponding to that tender ID exist over multiple rows ..Thats a problem I am facing..Hope my question is not unclear ??

  3. I normally use the remove duplicates for unique values .. thanks to you… now i can use advance filter to get the unique records … thanks again

  4. If I wanna Filter "Store" from Channel column and "Pants Blue" from Product column and I want all the cells to be visible that has "Store" and "Pants Blue" _It's ok if there is "Shirt White" or "Pants Black" against store or vice versa
    How can I do that?
    (P.S. Thank you so much all of your videos are so helpful)

  5. Only your videos help me in funding solutions to my day to day excel related problems.. Thank you so much. My first ever response on any videos on you tube

  6. Thank you so much for this lecture. Really helps my job to process raw data to a more organized and presentable data. Thank you!

  7. hello Leila, i did the same steps that u r showing but my advanced filter is not showing any results.may be there is a important step that u r not stessing /showing/elaborating in your my criteria box i am not getting the wording advanced that u seem to be getting??why is that?please help. dr prasad india


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