Amiga 500 Longplay [180] Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats


Played by: Ironclaw


“When an old lady leaves her worldly fortune to Benny the Ball because her only rightful heir, Amy, is missing, Top Cat and the rest of the gang end up in Beverly Hills in the luxury of Madam Van Der Gelt’s mansion. Snerdly, the butler, is next in line if he can get rid of Benny. In between rides in the limo and having fun around the pool, will T.C. and his gang save Benny and find the missing Amy?”

I never saw this “Amy” character.

I’ve always wanted to play through this game ever since I bought it for my C64 as a kid (still own the original) but couldn’t figure out what to do. So, now I finally did it 🙂

Usually stay on the title screen until the whole tune has been played before playing the game, but as you can have music in the game, I didn’t wait and played it ingame instead. As soon as the gameplay begins, I hit F1 for music, then a bit later F2 for sound effects and never music again. The manual says F1 is “Music & Sound Effects”, which is wrong, as you can only have either music or sound effects, not both at the same time (repressing F1 just replays the music, it doesn’t toggle between music and sound effects). It says F2 is for sound effect only, which is correct. The music plays in a lower volume ingame than on the title screen.

Kinda hard to use items as you have to hold down the fire button to enter the selection menu, but if you hold just a tad too long, he drops the item in slot one. So, you will see me stand around for a couple of secs here and there before entering the menu as I’m being very careful, usually holding down fire not long enough and have to keep redoing it as I don’t want to hold it down too long so keep releasing it before the selection thingy appears, meh.

The game has extra items I found no use for, like a banana peel, a saw, a hammer, an opened tin can (could also be a lighter, probably is),a money(?) bag, some books (they are all the same). I ran around with these and tried them on everything I could think of. Tried using the banana peel on the skaters, bribe Officer Dibble (as an alternative way to get through) with the money(?) bag, etc. They are probably just unusable items to make the gameplay last longer as the player tries to figure out what they are for 🙂 (but maybe not).

There’s scattered envelopes on the streets, these can be put in the mailboxes for 250 points per envelope/letter.

There’s also sour milk (yellow bottles) which removes most of your health, and rotten apples that reverses your control for a short time.

If you don’t use the money bill (or whatever it is… also looks like a credit card, but can’t be that as it says “10” on it and credit cards weren’t used back then in phone booths, I think… also kinda looks like a phone card… whatever), the cop will stand in front of the gate tapping his left foot and dangling his baton, while he has a thinking look/pose (holding his chin with his left hand and having one eyebrow raised… something like that anyway). Couldn’t be bothered to go all the way to him first to show this, then all the way back.

If you take too much damage, your buddies will run away (not all of them at the same time), you will then have to find them again, but this time at random places. Same thing with items, they can be stolen by certain enemies, like the skaters and will be placed somewhere at random.

The bombs confuse me. They don’t seem to do any damage, and only at one point they (or at least I think it was a bomb that caused it) made one of the buddies run away. So, they might be in the game only to scare the other cats away. I tried to recreate this by standing on exploding bombs over and over but couldn’t make any of the cats run away again. Still avoided them in this longplay, just in case.

There’s like four extra keys and five doors you don’t need to open to complete the game. One door only has a bottle of sour milk in it, two other doors have a normal milk bottle in them, another one has ANOTHER key and nothing else in it LOL (a key for a key), and a fifth door has the hammer (which I found no use for). As I had no use for these items, I didn’t bother getting the keys to open them. At 16:24 I realized I needed this key to open the door to Benny, so left the milk bottle. Could of course have gotten the milk bottle as well, just had to run and get one more key.

The full title on the box is “Top Cat Starring in Beverly Hills Cats”. Checking reviews and other places, some go with “Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats” (sounds sexual), “Top Cat in Beverly Hills”, “Top Cat: Beverly Hills Cats”, or just “Top Cat”. The cartoon show is called “Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats” and sounds best, so I went with that :). Yeah, I usually go with what’s on the box, if not – then the way they say say it in the manual (this time they didn’t mention the title in the manual), as they usually type them differently between them.


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  1. 1:07 People say Topcat is the coolest cat, but even he doesn't stand with his back to a nearby explosion.
    Also I love how when the music cuts out the sound effects begin. It's always a classic when they can't have both at the same time.

  2. If people outside the UK are wondering Top Cat was pretty much on constantly on CBBC in the mornings for many years


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