Amnesia Fortnight 2014 – Steed Prototype – Playthrough w/ No Commentary (HD PC Gameplay)


Steed Prototype:

John Bernhelm with Double Fine

In Steed, you play a horse-for-hire and save a storybook land full of inept heroes.

It’s not too late to contribute! Donate by the end of March to get the protoypes and more:

This was the first year I had known about Double Fine’s Amnesia Fortnight. It’s a pretty cool process where the members of the Double Fine team can pitch their own ideas and put together a prototype within 2 weeks. Steed is just one of three final projects from the team, with one extra prototype from Pendleton Ward, the creator of Adventure Time.

There are two other prototypes: Dear Leader and Mnemonic. Mnemonic playthrough will be up shortly after this one, and Dear Leader is already in the playlist! Check it out below! Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough money to afford Little Pink Best Buds, it does look really fun though. Sigh…

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  1. hay 

    I like the game where can I download it 
    the graphic is really great 
    I would sooo love to play it. 

    ps great video ^^

  2. Is this the end of the game or does it continue after the mill?

    Have explored the most part of the map, but didnt found anything. If i really havent missed anything I would say, ist short, but nethertheless a nice game!


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