ASMR | Video Game Case Fast Tapping | No Talking


Today’s video is another request for game case tapping, I hope you enjoy!❤️


If you have any requests, please feel free to leave them down below!❤️

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ASMR | Video Game Case Fast Tapping | No Talking


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  1. I got nostalgic when u did black ops 2 those were some good times back then too bad it was the last great call of duty up until modern warfare 2019

  2. There's nothing better than picking up a new game and listening to the sound the case makes. I don't know why but the plastic they use make a really unique sound you can't find in other plastic. Really satisfying

  3. Nice video ma'am, could you do more videos crushing in future? Your video with your brown boots crushing plastic was very well done.

  4. Hey LL, its been soooooooooo long since you did a paper ripping vid, any chance you could make another? Than you😊

  5. I would have never have thought of using the game cases. They make for some great ASMR. Amazing video as usual.

  6. I like how the disk in the cases are also creating sounds at the same time

    Or am i hearing things 🤔

    Honesty this asmr channel is underrated


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