ASUS TUF Gaming K7 Review – TUFFER Than You Think?


Today we’re looking at the TUF Gaming K7 keyboard from ASUS. Featuring an ip56 rating, opto-mechanical switches and full backlit RGB, is the the ultimate keyboard for those wanting durability?

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  1. i must say i like this video with the background music and the way you explain parts of the keyboard.I will buy this asus keyboard today.thanks again

  2. Like how Asus alongside Razer support industry going forward, just need Microsoft or Logitech to hop on to opto-mechanical hype train and that will be it, everyone gonna start using it, it's expensive now because tech is new, but it will end up being cheaper than normal mechanical keyboards in a few years, I also like how both Asus and Razer went with A4tech(Bloody) option instead of going Gateron route that Tesoro went with their SE lineup

  3. good feedback. i remember when i make my fisrt video. the sad part these is not available here. and it will not be.

  4. my g 213 does this as long as it isn't more 2-5 ml of liquid this keyboard all but water proof

    food proof not so much

    anything that uses backlit keys is going to be a dust magnet no matter what you do..


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