Backstab Android game PART 1 (android gameplay)


Hi guys today we will play Backstab Android game. This is part 1 of this series. An Assassin’s Creed style iOS/Android game set in the Caribbean during the Golden Age of Piracy. You play as Henry Blake, former British Officer, looking for revenge on a friend-turned-foe.
In Backstab, you play a swarthy Englishman named Henry Blake. Blake’s been accused of treason and, after a daring escape, is now seeking revenge on those who turned their backs on him. Thus begins his quest of repetitious fights and countless filler quests that comprise the superficially lengthened campaign. Yes, there are plenty of side quests to do and most of the environments are fairly large, but the missions are boring things like races and fetch quests, leaving little reason to explore.
If you want more information about this game checkout link below

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  1. I loved this game I finished the Campain 3x and I got all archievment seeing it being played again is nice I am just sad to see how many good titles have left the appstore just like DeadSpace

  2. We gotta take a minute of silence and remember the good old games on iOS and play store
    Scar face the world is yours
    Rainbow six
    The fifa series(where it wasn’t only online)
    Madden series(same thing as fifa)
    Plants vs zombies(when it was addicting)
    The Oregon trail
    The Gangstar games

  3. For those who want to play this game again, here's a link to a website that has most of (Gameloft) old games.

    ps. this game and many other good old game have been deleted from google store long ago…
    btw, I have downloaded this game and many other games, installed them, and they're all 100% working.

    Cheers ya'll

  4. Wait how do you still have this game? I couldn't find it on the app store. Please respond I accidentally deleted it and can't reinstall it.

    Also I've subbed to you. Could you do videos on where to find the treasures on the Backstab game coz I'm kinda struggling 🙂


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