Bloodborne Gameplay: Luke Plays Bloodborne for the First Time – I MAY REGRET THIS


Blind playthrough: Luke starts a new game in Bloodborne, having never stepped foot in Yharnam before. Wish him luck.

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  1. If looking for difficult games that AREN'T dimly lit and grim? TRY "Crypt of the Necrodancer"! Movement and action are based entirely on the beat of a dungeon level's soundtrack. You die a lot but never in a nightmare/rage inducing fashion. 😀

  2. This is the ray of sunshine I needed this week. Please continue to do this, if you enjoyed the game. You're so positive for such a dark game. I didn't know I needed this, but I did.

  3. This gave me an idea, in fact two:
    1) “The Generator Divide”: Describing interesting or funny character generators from various games.
    2) “Show Me Your Shepherd” or “The Five Sole Survivors”: Showing, describing and explaining your individually created character from one common game with a decent character generator. Mass Effect 2 or Fallout 4 for instance.
    Facial feature sculpting is indeed time-consuming. But it is also one of the things that truly set games apart from other forms of electronic entertainment.
    Watching the OX/Xtra’s take on this could be very interesting and enjoyable, I think.

  4. The key to beating Cleric Beast is to be aggressive, stay to his flanks and work around his reach. Took me a couple of attempts once I realized to play on the front foot, which is not like the first Dark Souls. You have to unlearn that aspect.

  5. old lady: whats your name?

    ……….rey………rey sky….you know what scratch that. ray,….ray sunshine

  6. Couldn’t catch it live, but loved it and the game. Hoping for a play through? Please bring on a pt 2 if ur willing we would love it!

  7. Luke, I really hope you keep playing this! It's my favourite video game of all time and has a lot of very important meaning to me, seeing you play it is an absolute delight!

    One tip: don't bother grinding for blood vials, it is much faster to get echoes to then buy vials. Every time you go to the dream level up, then spend any extra echoes on vials, you will have a surplus before long

  8. Freaking hell, chat was giving terrible advice! No you didn't need your first point of insight to level up, what was a huge waste. Not to mention you didn't need to be any more aggressive with cleric beast, you were doing great.

  9. I wish people in the chat hadn't been like "go left for the cleric beast", I feel like part of the fun is coming across them on your own, I would've hated to have been told exactly what I was going to encounter if I was playing for the first time

  10. This is the type of game that I like to watch someone play but don't want to play myself. God looks so stressful! haha

  11. I feel so sad. I love watching you guys play games, and I love bloodborne to bits, but I've played it so much, I can tell where every trick, trap and difficulty spike is. I know what his reaction will be before he makes it. 😭

  12. If Luke does a complete play through of this, DS2 and 3, and Sekiro, Demon Souls for PS5 should be out by the time he’s done 😁


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