Bonkheads Playthrough (Max OSx/PC longplay) [HQ]


My longest video on Youtube – 3 hours of trolling :))
Bonkheads is a platform game based on the popular Mario Bros. Arcade. It was released both for the MAC OS and the PC. The MAC version was released by Aspyr and the PC version by 1AM. The two releases are not completely identical, as the PC version lacks some features the MAC version has : the network play feature is absent from the PC version for instance, meaning that 2 players have to huddle around the same keyboard, or connect a second keyboard to the PC. Another feature of the MAC version is the ability to create your own levels using the included “Bonkreator” tool. Just like Mario Bros Arcade, you take control of two troll brothers : Grag (the green troll) and Thog (the blue troll). In a 1-player game you take control of Grag only. In a 2-player game, each player takes control of one troll at the same time. There IS a way to play as Thog in a 1-player game, by holding down the “~” key while clicking the 1-player option, but it only works in the PC version. Thog is my favourite and since I played alone, I couldn’t use him in the MAC version. I guess one way to play as Thog would be to select the 2-player game and just let Grag die, but it’s pretty stupid having to do that. I really think there should have been an option to select who you want to play as in a 1-player game – something like “select character” or “pick your hero”. It doesn’t matter who you play as, because besides the different colour, the two trolls are identical. Your goal is to clear all the pests from each level, then advance to the next one. There are 12 worlds, each with a different theme to it, with 6 levels each (the last one being a boss battle) making up a total of 144 levels to clear. Once you finish all the worlds in order, you go through all of them once again in a random order. The 6th level of each world has a boss you have to fight, which involves bonking them from underneath like all the other pests. The bosses are : Shrew-Man-Chew (a rat sorcerer), T. Wrecks (a dinosaur) and D. Evil (the devil himself). Each of them show up at the end of 4 worlds in a row, so you fight Shrew in levels 6, 12 and 18 (worlds 1,2,3,4), T.Wrecks in levels 24, 30 and 36 (worlds 5,6,7,8) and so on. Every time you encounter them they get faster, more aggressive, and take more hits to defeat, obviously. Like in Mario Bros Arcade, there is a POW block, in this case the TNT box, placed somewhere in the level, which will knock out all the pests on screen. Be careful, because the explosion will also wake up any pests that were already knocked out prior to hitting the box. Pests that are not touching a platform when you hit the TNT box will not be affected, so if there are a lot of hopping pests in the level like raptors and bees, chances are the explosion won’t get them all, so you’ll have to do it “manually”. You can hit the TNT box 3 times in a row before it disappears and must be replenished. You refill the TNT box when one of the trolls collects a gem called “Blastidian” (a green gem with a stick of dynamite on it). You don’t find these lying everywhere so use the dynamite sparingly !) You uncover gems by bonking random blocks. The other gems are :
– “Adrenaline” a blue gem with a white rabbit on it which gives you a speed boost
– “Tranquilium” a red gem with a turtle on it which slows the pests down
– “Densidian” (the only gem with a negative effect) a blue gem with a black scale weight on it, which will only allow you to jump half the normal height (unless you grab it underwater – makes no difference then, because you float when you jump)
– “Moolamite” a yellow gem with a dollar bill on it will reward the troll who collects it with 5000 points (grabbing a second one will give you an extra life)
– “Resurrectite” the blue gem with “1UP” on it will give the troll that collects it an extra life
Overall, the game is addicting, fun and fast paced, especially when you play it with another player. Try it, I guarantee you will be hooked.


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  1. Holy fuck that was a blast to the past! Is it possible to play this game on a new macbook? I cant seem to be able to

  2. Came here because I recently downloaded this game after playing it in my childhood. Finally beat the game after a long weekend and managed to complete with over 20 lives! ha. Love this game

  3. This was my favourite game as a kid and I still have it on my PC.My favourite underworld is Iceville because of the beautiful ice background.

  4. I used to play this game with my dad….ahh my heart is braking,because now we have League of Legends,CS:GO,COD,WoW and more and more games,but in the past there were only few games that are free to play…and this was the one which i loved so so much!Not only for the memories,but that i used to play it with my father!Now he don't wants to play this game,so then i started exploring more and more games!But this game,this game is one I used to love so so much!

  5. I loved this game as a kid, and just started playing it again. I remeber thinking that the big rat end boss was pretty bad, until the t rex came.:) That one was even worse.

  6. OMG I've been searching for this game for a year, I could not remeber the name of the game. Your description of the game helped me find this vid and the game. Thank you


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