Can You Play Video Games For 100 Hours Straight


How Long Can You Play Video Games Without Stopping Before Your Body Shuts Down.
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We all love video games. There’s nothing quite like getting home from work or school, plopping down in front of your TV or computer, and getting your game on pwning some unsuspecting noobies in your favorite first person shooter. Or if guns aren’t your thing, maybe you’re like the millions and millions of others who love adventuring in Minecraft, making your own virtual base capable of withstanding even the worst zombie attack! But have you ever considered that the games you are playing… could be harmful to your body? Especially over long periods of time? We all know incredibly long gaming sessions can have an adverse affect on your social life, but what are the physical effects to the body to such extensive time in front of the screen? What happens to your posture? How about your muscles? Can it even be deadly to play games for incredibly long periods of time? Brainiacs, today we are diving into the virtual space to find out just what are the consequences of gaming for too long. And hopefully we can shed some light on just how you can properly take care of yourself during long play sessions as well, because now more than ever it, it is absolutely a viable career to become a professional gamer. And you can even make very good money doing it! So stretch those fingers, keep a bottle of Mountain Dew near you, and get ready to dive into the virtual space of video games, cause we are talking what happens if you overexert yourself playing games, specifically if you played 100 hours straight, and how this would affect your body.


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  1. Staying at home isn't for everyone because of this, for me, i always sit on the couch for 2 hours but nothing happens so everyone needs to handle boredom during quarantine because we have no choice.

  2. 100 hours are 4 days = (96 hours) and 4 hours which is a sixth of a day
    so it's 4 days and a sixth of a day.


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