Cardfight Vanguard Standard: Murakumo HYU-GA VS Kagero Best of 3!!!


Disclaimer: This video was recorded last month before the ban list was announced.

Hey guys and welcome back to the channel! It’s been a while but today we’re back with yet another gameplay video! This time, we have a best of 3 match between Pton and Roxy, with Pton using his Dragonic Overlord deck with both The End and The Great while Roxy is using her pre-ban list Murakumo HYU-GA deck!
This is my last video featuring the HYU-GA deck before the ban list and I thought since we’ve already took the time to record a best of 3, we might as well upload it on the channel for all of you viewers!

So, who will win in this best of 3; the Samurai Cheftain’s band of Yokai ninjas, or the Flame Dragon Overlords? Watch on to find out!

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Thanks for watching!

Hope you guys enjoy the game!


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  1. Hearing a female voice when watching VG fight on YouTube or in real life feels so odd to me now (no offence), I know no girl that plays VG aside from a friend but she hardly ever plays.
    Anyway, Roxy has a cute voice, keep up the nice plays guys!

  2. That was epic. I was just about to start playing my Kagero deck again. Still debating between Blademaster build or Overlord with Blademaster.


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