Catchoo: Race to Pick Up VELCRO® Brand Balls


Catchoo is the fast-paced pick-up game with Velcro ball targets and a fun elastic grabber.

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Snatch up the lively Catchoo 2.0 for your next game night and watch the fun catch on! This unique game challenges you to snag Velcro-covered ping pong balls using a Spiderman-esque wristband flicker.

Scatter the pickers (ping pong balls covered with Velcro dots) to create sticky targets for you to snatch off the floor. Grab the targets using your flicker, a fuzzy tennis ball tethered to your wrist via an elastic band. The ball latches onto the Velcro targets and quickly snaps back. Even if you miss your mark, you’ll be able to quickly aim again.

Pick up this exciting game and race your opponent to see who can flick their flickers to pick the most pickers!



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