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Velcro is a brilliantly sticky fabric surface invented in 1941 by a Swiss engineer. It’s been used for everything from fastening shoes to helping astronauts keep chess pieces in place in space.

And in the game of Catchoo, Velcro helps you exercise your hand-eye coordination and concentration skills while you try to snatch up as many Velcro-covered Ping-Pong balls as you can with another Velcro ball that’s attached to your wristband with an elastic band. Win or lose, this two-player game will get your neurons pumping and heart thumping as you race around trying to shanghai the most balls.

Includes 2 “flickers” (balls with wristband) & 15 “pickers” – velcro balls.

Brain Health Expert Says:
“Improve planning and concentration and boost motor skills and hand-eye coordination.”


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