CG vs. RYL – Game 2 | Play-In Knockouts Day 1 | 2019 World Championship (2019)


2019 World Championship Play-In Day 5 #Worlds2019

Clutch Gaming vs. Royal Youth

Clutch Gaming Lineup:
⦁ Huni – Top Rumble
⦁ Lira – Jungle Jarvan IV
⦁ Damonte – Mid Neeko
⦁ Cody Sun – Bot Kai’Sa
⦁ Vulcan – Support Pyke

Royal Youth Lineup:
⦁ Armut – Top Renekton
⦁ Closer – Jungle Elise
⦁ cyeol – Mid Irelia
⦁ Pilot – Bot Ezreal
⦁ Tolerant – Support Thresh

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  1. 25:01 League production team has really been upping their game lately. That callout "CLOSER FIRST RED BUFF THIS GAME" is quite likely NOT something that was scripted to trigger by default when the game started. So somebody in Production heard the casters talk about it, and they immediately made that callout so they could trigger it in case Closer finally got his Red Buff. I love it! 😀


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