Charlie Charlie Pencil Game (GONE WRONG) | Questions Answered


this is Charlie Charlie Pencil Game . I did Charlie Charlie Pencil Game in this video.


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  1. lemmme share smthing……….

    in my class it was storming out due to which extra classes where called off and v were waiting for weather to calm a bit…

    me nd my 6 friends played this freakin game…….we literally freaked out, the windows were closed and the pencil literally moved nd on top of that it was quite dark out bcz of the clouds….

    "charlie,charlie r u there"…….YES

    "charlie,charlie do u like candy"……….NO

    v never imagined things would play out like that…..omg…..nd i was the one who started it firstoff,…..and v were the only ones in school…….blurgh
    moral–dont take it lightly

  2. bahi apne phook mari esa kuch nahi he kyuki pencil ghumne se phele phook ki avaj ayi aur watchers agar dhyan se dekhe to jis direction se pencil ghumi us side se paper bhi thoda sa utha phook ki vajah he
    time at 2:20

  3. Bhaiya charlie Charlie game ek bar app kahelo toh app samjeh Lena ki toh Apne pas bola liya hai iska results acha nahi hota hai


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