CROSSDRESSING! | Akiba Strip / Akiba's Trip | 05


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  1. Nanashi-Kunt actually looks pretty good in the maid outfit. I'm all for more crossdressing. It's funny, good armor, and looks better than his normal clothes. Loving the absurd plot still, and the anime marathon scene was really funny.

  2. So did anyone notice the girls on the screen during the SP anime marathon (also on a poster in Nana's room), who I believe are supposed to be the three magical girls from SP, are identical to Rin, Kuro and Mimi from Kodomo no Jikan? Cause like, they are.

  3. I Bingewatched all the episodes of MBB and now this. Maybe I should Sakura Dungeon while waiting new animucontent?

  4. Wolf's rain, by far the worse anime ending in the world, hands down, no comparison.
    Sucks too cause the anime itself is good till that point.

  5. thats 3 times so far that a character in an anime video game was forced into an outfit xD wait is it with anime and force?! (ceri from sakura dungeon, max from max's big bust, and now tohko from this game)
    EDIT: also i really don't see why she thinks cross dressing is so funny

  6. The reason so many anime have terrible final episodes is normally either because they ran out of source material and had to do a filler ending, or the manga had a terrible final issue.
    Manga often have terrible endings because they're forced to keep going as long as they're popular and then as soon as their popularity drops, they're forced to wrap up their story and end it quickly out of nowhere.

  7. Awwwwww Tohko is our bestie!

    Also, yes Shizuku will look like a fucking idiot but she will look like a fucking idiot with the REST of you fucking idiots.

  8. I kind of wish you showed the side quests. I am loving this play through and I really don't want it to end anytime soon. I am not sure how much is left in the game, but I sincerely hope it goes for as many episodes as Sakura Dungeon.

  9. for a fun outfit choice I recommend going to electric plazas junk seller. he has swimsuits for all the girls and now the MC can wear them too!

  10. This game is great — as something not human, is Shizuku's lifespan different? If she dies, will Nanashi-Kunt die with her, being her familiar and all?


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