Disconnected | Surreal Indie Horror Game Walkthrough | Full Playthrough | PC Gameplay Let's Play


Asylum Jam 2017 Game. An awkward surreal horror game about visiting a friend.

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Disconnected is a short surreal horror game.

You decide to hang out with a friend. But something is not right and you find yourself alone in the staircase.


W, A, S, D, Shift to move around

Left mouse button to interact

N and M to adjust the mouse sensitivity

This horror game was made in 48 hours for the Asylum Jam 2017.

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  1. Despite the short length, the head bob, the distorted graphics, and the abrupt end, the tension is quite effective, especially when you're waiting for Anna's messages as she texts slower and slower and your character and likely the player gets more and more anxious.

  2. honestly… that was pretty bad in my opinion. If you can barely stand to stare at the screen, the game was tedious because all you could really do was wait for the story to progress, the climax didn't really have any payoff.

    Having a couple of notes to unveil more of the story while slowly being led into a trap would have been a much better way of doing this. I mean, if you already have most of the assets available to you (being a 48 hour game jam game) why not add in a few things to interact with and discover? A note couldn't be too difficult to incorporate. Its an interface with some text.

  3. I don't dislike very much but this one had no order and made me too dizzy with the pixels. Too bad… It started off good.

  4. Lol man this game started okay but got creepy super fast, especially after going into the basement room. I was expecting someone to lock you in there, somehow force you to "hang" yourself.. or something. That Windows voice repeating the texts was the CREEPIEST part o.o I kinda wonder tho the story behind this game. Like, what was it really about besides meeting up with a friend, what happened, etc.

  5. ew fuck i knew something was up (from the moment i clicked on this vid cos it said "horror game", duh) when i saw all the mail in josephines mail box…..

  6. Had no idea what the hell was happening but I think the 'want to hang?' is kinda cool because you don't expect to end up literally hanging. Idk thought that was a clever play on words😅

  7. I think the player hanged himself and is re-living a part of his life. The „hanging out“ could indicate that he hanged himself and the fuzzy view is because of the lack of oxygen when you suffocate. the maggots could be a symbol for his body beginning to rot.
    (just a theory)

  8. Fun fact: The object in front of the door at 3:50 is a candle commonly placed on graves or memorial sites in switzerland. It's a red plastic body with a golden top to protect the flame from the wind.

  9. Wow i like how the dev included one of his other game (Exposure) with the note on the mailbox saying "the mirror was missing from the desk i got the key from" that was one of the notes written in Exposure. So im thinking maybe this is the same apartment as in exposure. Anna or another neighbor is the character from exposure. So freaking cool!!

  10. Really enjoyed this game. An innovative idea and doesnt try to scare you with cheap jump scares.Pretty cool

  11. Hey what happened to true fear 2 u played the 1st game then u played the 2nd pre-demo but u still haven’t played the whole 2nd game

  12. Really odd game indeed. Wanted to ask you if you want to take a look darkwood. It's a horror survival game. You can buy it OR download it for free on the official page. The developer made it free to download to prevent pirating. I'd really love to see you play it. Though it might be quite an ongoing game since it's a survival game

  13. No matter how screwy or cut rate these horror gamelets are, I'm always happy to see them intermixed with the full LP's. I guess you can't expect much in 48 hours. I do wonder if these Game Jams (mmm…jam…) give the devs an early idea of what's expected of them, or if it's a surprise like on one of those cooking competition shows: Ok…wait for it…a game about a bobblehead and a trout…GO!

  14. The visual effect reminded me a lot of how vision goes fuzzy when there is sudden loss of oxygen to the brain. Ummm… thanks for the video? 😉

  15. It was an interesting game but oh man, I'm so motion sick now. It's the same sort of feeling/sensation that you get from plane rides. Personally, I wouldn't play this but thank you for taking that hit for us lol


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