DIY- Cute GAME DAY Outfits for Girls (NO-SEW!) – By Orly Shani



Football Season is officially here and there is football to watch almost everyday of the week! Whether you’re watching it at a bar, on TV at home or at your school… you wanna rep your team and look cute while doing it.
This is a totally NO-SEW video, we’re using Fabri-Tac Glue to make these all come together.

DIY- Cute GAME DAY Outfits for Girls – By Orly Shani


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  1. I absolutely love these! This will be my new quarantine project 🙂 Where did you get the D ring cotton tape? I've looked all over amazon and etsy and they only have D ring vinyl/satin tape 🙁

  2. I need a DIY modification to make tshirts less boxy, but I don't want to lose the length (like to wear em w/leggings, so like to cover that booty). It's the sleeves that are too boxy. I might try that lace-up idea from the Broncos t, but do it to just the sleeves, like from the shoulder line to the bottom edge of sleeve. I'm formulating a plan….😁

  3. For the D-Ring deep V, If the sweatshirt is a hoodie should we cut the hood off??? OR What would you do in regards to a hood?

  4. Hi. I'm a new subscriber and I'm OBSESSED with your great DIY videos… I'm trying to recreate this look. Where do you find the D-ring or Grommet tape? I'm not finding it.

  5. My family is really into 🏈. I'm making the lace up t shirt for each of them for Christmas! They look so awesime! I use to watch you in Home & Family all the time I was so excited to find your channel.

  6. What a great way to continue to get enjoyment out of a t-shirt or sweatshirt that you just aren't quite ready to part with or a hubby shirt you adore but doesn't fit right!

  7. Im not in2 the Steelers but my girlfriend is shes gonna love that shirt on me im gonna start on it soon ill deff let u know how it turns out lol i dont think it will b on me long he he he thank u so much that shirt looks cool

  8. Orly Shani: “It will look very footbally… That’s the proper term!”
    That made me laugh 😂. Because I make words up (well they come out without realising) and I just act like they in the “Dictionary of Jade” (Me) lol.

  9. Hubby lives for Soccer (I think that’s what people in the US call UK football) but I absolutely hate soccer. I usually end up in the bedroom doing my own thing when he’s watching his sports. Still a great tutorial for the girls who enjoy football/soccer xxx


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