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Raijin Thunderkeg, the Storm Spirit, is a ranged intelligence hero who wields the elemental power of lightning. He has high mobility, strong ganking and carrying potential, and very good synergy between his hero abilities.

Static Remnant creates an immobile clone of himself that, upon contact with an enemy, shocks all enemies in a small area for damage. It has a very low cooldown, making it a good farming skill. Electric Vortex binds an enemy to himself, drawing it in slowly; at higher levels of the skill, it will always be able to pull the target into a Static Remnant. Overload further supplements this combo by harnessing the excess charge whenever Raijin casts a spell, adding it in the form of magical damage to his next attack and zapping enemies in a radius around the target. Finally, Storm Spirit’s ultimate and signature skill is Ball Lightning, in which he transforms into pure energy, sacrificing his own mana to dash quickly around the map in an invulnerable state, inflicting minor damage to foes he impacts as well as giving him an Overload charge. It can be used to initiate and escape long distances with ease.

Since his ultimate disjoints enemy projectiles and has no cooldown, he can prove to be one of the most slippery foes in the game, provided that he has enough mana regeneration to sustain it and/or the enemy team does not have strong disables such as stuns and silences. However, without proper mana management, he will run out of juice very quickly and become a sitting duck. While extremely vulnerable early game before he acquires his ultimate, once he does so, if he gets a few quick kills and some mana-sustaining items, he will become an unstoppable force of nature.
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  1. I would like to know if there's a possiblity for the reforged dota maps to be fixed, cause some of the heroes are either too big or too small and some other issues, It would be cool to play those maps with the quenching mod.

  2. Nice game! It would be better if you always play with high skilled players…we dont care if you lose as long as we see a game like this…

  3. nhà sập rồi vẫn ko thấy murloc đâu =))) vẫn dí theo những đứa ko thể giết, cười ỉa thằng murloc

  4. Hey BALTA it’s interesting and nice game, i just want to tell you if you play more with high-skills player would be more interesting)

  5. Storm Spirit again and again and again and again Strom again please Strom again and again Strom again and again and again and again even will not watch it because Strom Spirit again and again and again. What is next? Invoker? Spectre? Earthshaker? Let's go again and again the same circle.

  6. Buena partida , debió haber sido muy jodido jugar contra ese sky y la nerburian que a cada rato te gankeaba


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