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A playthrough of Acclaim’s 1996 movie license-based Sony PlayStation platformer , DragonHeart: Fire & Steel.

At its core, DragonHeart isn’t much more than a simple platformer that’s been fancied up with prerendered sprites (a la Mortal Kombat) and a combat system that provides for a shield, sword, and bow. It’s got a few interesting quirks – each of the friendly knights, wizards, and whatnots that you meet during them game can grant you larger life-bars, special moves, and items.

The life-bar extensions are by far the most necessary to make sure to get, because each time your life bar increases, so does your stamina bar (the red line in the top left). Each move takes a particular amount of stamina to pull off, and if you run down your energy too quickly and start swining while your exhausted, you’ll just whiff the attack and slump over, hands on your knees, breathing heavily like a geriatric trying to smoke after taking off their oxygen.

The levels are pretty straightforward, but many of them do have occasionally splitting paths where loads of secrets can be found. These are necessary to find if you wish to see the true ending of the game – if you kill the final boss at the castle with a completion rate below 90% (this includes secrets found), you’re told to do it all over again with at least 90% to go any further before being shown a short FMV clip and being dumped rather unceremoniously back at the title screen. I didn’t get a full 100%, but I was pretty close.

It’s a fairly fun little game, but the controls are beyond clunky, and that’s the major gripe that I have with the game. It’s a bit plodding in its pace, and there always seems to be a bit of a delay between when you hit a button and when your character actually performs the move. This isn’t usually too much of a bother, but there are a few spots that can get painful because of this – just try to get past the swinging axes if you have to jump part of the way without being hit. It can be done, but you aren’t likely to ever do it.

Hahaha – what can I say. It’s a lump of vanity, cash-in potential, 90s sensibilities all rolled into one, and it still manages to be entertaining.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. As violent and blood as Primal Rage! And this is a kids game?
    Never the less. It was pretty cool. They should have made a Draco version of this. One were he has to fight dragonslayers, knights, and Bowen before he can befriend him. That would have been any even cooler game!

  2. Played it with my little brother back then But never got to finish the end boss. Great to see everything till the end 😳🖤

  3. lmfao, just finished watching the movie for the first time since seeing it in theaters….. it hasn't aged well. And, thanks to Marvel's conditioning, I fastforwarded through the credits to see if there was anything at the end, but was only greeted with a weird ass few sentences telling me to "play the game" and "read these books". FFS I had no idea this garbage existed, and thank fuck for that because 10-year-old me would have wanted this game no matter how trash it is

  4. I'm trying to hunt down a game similar to this one for nes /snes / ps1 era I think. 2d sword play where you can socket gems into a sword. Any ideas what the game could be? Any help appreciated!

  5. I remember when I rented this game from video store. I was only circa 16-17 years old. Not a great game at all.

  6. I remember one Christmas I was given this game & the latest NBA live (97?) Dragon Heart was too frustrating to play.

  7. In the first level, (1:55 to 2:07) why do those people catch on fire before they die when the player character hits them with the sword? Was there something like that in the movie?

  8. This was a great Game back in the Days… we are young, we are wild, we want bloddy Games… now we are in the 30'S and have just nostalgia 😉

  9. It looks a mix between Mortal Kombat Mythologies and Skeleton Warriors, and it's gameplay lies somewhere in-between.

    Make sure to check out the ridiculous amount of gore that comes flying out of most of the bosses when you kill them – there's something really satisfying about stabbing someone and watching them fall over as their intestines rocket by like a prank spring-loaded snake from a can, or by getting drenched in arterial spray that reaches 20 feet into the air.


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