DragonHeart: Fire & Steel Walkthrough – Part 1 (PC) (HD)


DragonHeart: Fire and Steel is a 2D side-scrolling action game.
Developed by: Funcom.
Published by: Acclaim Entertainment.

DragonHeart: Fire & Steel is a tie-in for the movie directed by Rob Cohen starring Dennis Quaid and Sean Connery as the voice of Draco.

DragonHeart puts you in the sweaty medieval shoes of dragon hunter Bowen, as he faces the last dragons still surviving, and then ends up befriending one, Draco.
With his help, he goes after King Einon, a former pupil of the dragon hunter, who has turned to evil.

Dragonheart’s gameplay is quite similar to the Golden Axe series.
Hack’n’slash your way through the nine levels of the game, killing dragons, befriending Draco and then going after Einon with Draco’s help.

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  1. memories after seeing this ill never complain abou game graphics
    i remember when i got stuck at the golem and that draogn the throws stones fomr the mountain


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