DREDGERS: Roguelite Dungeon Crawler with Crazy Classes! | Dredgers gameplay (PC)


Dredgers gameplay! We become CRABMAN THE RANGER as we play a fun new roguelike dungeon-crawler with a very permissive class system!
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Dredgers gameplay offers a new take on the traditional dungeon crawling roguelike/roguelite, offering real-time combat across loads of different classes that you can add to your character as you go.

You can unlock loads of weird new characters using tokens earned from previous runs, and choose your path through an endless dungeon with lots of sub-biomes.

In this let’s play Dredgers gameplay review we play a couple of runs, first as the vanilla human fighter, then as a Crabman archer whose ranger abilities we beef up to get a powerful arrow attack. But we can’t wear hats?!

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Official Dredgers gameplay info: “Dredgers are the men and monsters who all desire the gold and power lying in the dungeons beneath the earth. As a dredger you’ll be exploring dungeons, looking for gold, potions, scrolls, food and more to further your endless descent into the depths.

As you slay enemies in your way, you’ll earn experience which affords you higher stats, new classes and new skills. Deflect enemy projectiles as a fencer or call down devastating beams of light as a priest. Maybe you prefer leaving the grunt work to your followers as a summoner or lich? Or perhaps you prefer having excellent equipment instead, taking the blacksmith and artificer classes.

Even better, why not be all of the above? Dredgers places very little restrictions on classes, allowing you to combine them to your heart’s content.”

Developed by: Pirate Rob
Dredgers release date: 23 October 2019
Formats available: PC Windows

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  1. the most OP build in the game is Thimble Archer / Sniper, no monster in the game is aggro so you can pretty much 1 shot every target while they sleep and just pump dex every level. avoid getting set on fire, and avoid those priests that do that large AoE or you'll be dead quick.

  2. If you hit barrels and enemies with your torch, they get caught on fire. Very handy both for damage and saving time (with the barrels). 🙂


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