Femboy Hooters Analysis


Why is there a femboy hooters? This question may seem mad, but as we have already seen, memes, uh find a way. In this meme I see a very important dynamic, almost a perfect mirror to the “Are ya winning son?” meme, in which there is a vast schism between father and son, boomer and zoomer. While that meme reflected the disparity between the generations through technology, this meme is of course a look at the growing chasm of generational sexuality.

Hooters is the ultimate symbol of the simplistic Boomer sexuality, one focused entirely on the base bodily pleasures. The generation that enjoys going to Hooters is the one that was aroused by Sears magazine underwear sections, compared to modern sexuality their tastes were extremely innocent and basic.

The Femboy Hooters on the other hand is the product of a mass psychic shift in young people, away from the material and toward the digital. In the digital realm, where we become disconnected from our bodies, the laws of nature are felt as oppressive to the pneumatic spirit and ego. Gender dynamics, through not only complex philosophy, but through the immediate proof of digital eroticism. *Porn*. Through these disembodying effects, the femboy has become a mainstay of modern sexuality, a great object of desire arising from the intricate machinations and turmoil of the digital human.

To take the product of something so bizarre, so inconceivable to the Boomer, and place them in a Hooters is such a beautifully humorous contrast! We are given a clear image of how accelerated modern sexuality is, and just how basic it was even just a few decades ago in the 80’s.

The Femboy Hooters is of course incomplete, as there is not one simple peak for this great body of techno-eroticism, there is the Tomboy Outback, the goth ihop, etc. These all come to show just how multiheaded the beast is! Sexuality, through it’s technoacceleration has sprouted more heads than it ever had in the past. A common joke looking at this is how LGBT became LGBTQIACXY and so on. The variety inherent in a sexuality which has been directed away from the body is seemingly infinite. These forms literally could not have come from the Unconscious of the Boomer, one essentially untouched by a virtual reality.

The Femboy Hooters is an object of humor because it can not exist, even in the meme, it has been burnt down. If something as mercurial as the femboy were to be forced into a permanent structure such as hooters, the illusion would dissipate. It would quickly become too bodily, and the digital imagination would find a new host.

These memes reveal a great deal about modern sexual dynamics, no matter how strange, we must look on and remember, memes matter.

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  2. Wtf this guy talking about femboys being a modern reflection of internet idealism like people didn’t love femboys before? People have always love femboys they would just get called a f*g and ostracized. Femboys Are real, they’re out there and most importantly, they’re irresistible

  3. If anything, the digital age allows endless exploration while leaving the real world's problems with sex (assault, std's) alone. It would even allow a larger lgbt group where overpopulation can be staved if just a little bit. The important thing is that choices are present and others will probably support you in your endeavors.

  4. Communuty is basically making gays that looks like perfect girls for you while they make big pure circle eyed girls with not balanced bodies :/

  5. I thought The Femboy Hooters was the unconscious expression of man so convinced they could never get with a real woman they would settle for an imitation one a femboy.

  6. Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.

  7. Gay crossdressers exist, but I doubt that people who fantasize about femboys online would ever have the guts to meet any of them.

  8. I've gone to regular hooters a few times, the waitresses weren't even sexualized or anything… It was like going to any other restaurant, we ordered wings and fries, had a few beers and whatever.

    It's one of those things that children have an expectation that it's going to be one way, but then when they actually go, it's a completely different thing.

    That one South Park episode that Butters gets a girlfriend at "raisins" a parodied version of hooters. His mom tells the girl she shouldn't be working there because it objectifies women and she should get a real job where she's appreciated by her skillset and not by her looks alone. She then demonstrates to have no skillset and thinks what she's saying is too complicated, and his mom changes her opinion and says that maybe that's the perfect job for her.

    Isn't that the reality of all tip jobs? No matter the restaurant they always hire more attractive people because they think people are likely to visit often if they see a familiar, pretty face. It compounds to the value of the meal. I've worked at an Applebee's myself and I could guarantee to you that pretty people make more tip money.

    With this generation of memers and gamers that live off supposed donations, this is what the next generation is going to want to follow the footsteps of, playing games, dying their hair purple, being gay and making meme reviews… What kind of job do you think is going to take them? Femboy Hooters would be a sureshot.

  9. "Gender dynamics, through not only complex philosophy, but through the immediate proof of digital eroticism." isnt even a complete sentence

  10. Wholesome 1950's family and boomer sexuality didn't exists even in 50s. World remains the same much more than it changes.


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