FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE – Cloud Dancing & Cross-Dressing (Honeybee Inn Scene)


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Gameplay Walkthrough PS4 PRO No Commentary 1080p 60fps HD let’s play playthrough review guide
Showcasing all cutscenes movie edition, all boss fights / boss fights, side missions, upgrades, outfits / costumes, all characters, best moments, final boss and true ending, secret ending.
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  1. I have newfound respect for Cloud, dudes a trooper for even letting it go down, Square Enix really thought this part through

  2. I was wondering if they were gonna include Cloud crossdressing. I love how over the top and ridiculous this is LOL

  3. what was the red carpet for? just that little bridge? she walked to the bridge and then ran to the inn without one.

  4. In the world of DFFOO
    Lilisette: Hey Penelo let's make a Dance Show Event
    Penelo: What a great idea! I'll call the others.
    Rinoa: I'll try to take Squall for another round of dance.
    Aerith: Speaking of dancing, i know someone also a great dancer.
    Cloud:*cough* cough
    Zidane: Dude! You dance!!

  5. Sephiroth: At last we meet again Cloud……. Excuse me Beautiful Miss! Have you seen my puppet? Blond and blue eyed?

  6. So glad they kept this in, would have been so easy for them to have the whole sequence dummied out.


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