Floof, Stupid Science, Catchoo | A.T. #114


This action-packed episode of Awesome Time features guest characters, Stupid Science, and some truly curiously awesome new products (as always!). Enjoy the show!

Welcome to Episode #114 of Vat19 Awesome Time!

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In this episode we introduce a few new items:


Glowing Jellyfish Sculpture:

Drinking Fudge:

Gold Lollipops:

Puffy Panda Bank:

Magic Penny:


Cat Paw Chair Socks:

Decoy Can Safes:

Ghost Pepper Hard Candy:

Lunar Light Show:

Six Shooter Shot Glasses:

Giant Microbes:

Light Up Unicorn Slippers:



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  1. the jelly fish pee thing is a mith what you are supows to do is seek medikl help imeadlitly when you get stung by a jelly fish

  2. I had something similar to the Catchoo in the 90s. It didn't have the Velcro ping pong balls. I love Sixpence None the Richer.

  3. i couldnt afford to buy the decoy safes so i bought a tub of I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, cleaned it out, and now i have $300 in my fridge


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