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Here is a game to make your students practice English! Practice their listening, reading and memorizing! Can’t find the video that a subscriber recommended me ! I want to give credits to that video so please, help me!
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  1. Thank you Mike. I'm from Tajikistan and I watch all your videos. They're all very interesting and useful.

  2. I loved your teaching, and pick many tips from you to teach my students. Thank you a lot for your video!!

  3. The game is great!For them to do listening practice and speaking skills! I remember the rightmost boy,who also showed in your demo class video(20 mins one),which is the first video I begin to see your videos in August!

  4. Great game! I play a similar one when you read a short story the students have to touch their nose when the key word is said, the student that is last to do is out. You can try singing the story to make it more fun. Cheers Mike!


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