Friday The 13th: The Game – How To Stalk – (Mad Eye's Tip of the Week)


Today I’m going to show you How To Stalk in Friday The 13th: The Game. This is episode 3 in Mad-Eye’s Tip of the Week and the focus is using stalk in certain scenarios and stacking it with Jason’s abilities.

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Mad-Eye Yokai
Trundle McGrundle

I used to never use Jason’s Stalk ability, but once I played against my friend Rainskull, I realized that Stalk is one of the most powerful abilities in Friday The 13th: The Game.

Here are some tips on how to use Jason’s Stalk ability.
Tip #1 Use Stalk and then Morph to silently teleport to a location. Select your target and setup the kill.
Tip #2 If you’re already in Stalk mode, use Shift to rush a cabin and look for an opening where you can sneak in before counselors barricade the door.
Tip #3 Use Sense while you’re in Stalk mode to keep tabs on counselors. You only want to tap the Sense ability for a second or two. Do not hold it down and waste the juice. If you don’t see any white blips, but a cabin is glowing red when you use Sense, that means a counselor is hiding in a bed, a closet or just crouched and not moving.
Tip #4 Pay attention to your Stalk meter when using Shift. Stalk can be used up to 2-3 minutes if you’re standing still, but if you use Shift, you will burn through it within 40-45 seconds.
Tip #5 If you haven’t used Stalk yet and you know a counselor is nearby and they are already aware of your presence, Shift over to their cabin and then activate Stalk when you exit Shift. This way you don’t waste the ability.
Tip #6 Use Shift and Stalk to encircle your prey and jump scare any counselors who are trying to exit via window or door. It’s also a useful technique if you want to move quickly from one side of the cabin to the other and confuse counselors.

Tip #7 You don’t have to shift grab all the time. Sometimes it’s better to simply Shift ahead to the next cabin while you’re using Stalk and ambush the counselor.

Bonus tip: Kill the electricity to increase counselors’ fear levels and force them to use their flashlights. This way you’ll have an easier time keeping tabs on them.

Be sure to share your Stalk Stories in the comments below!


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  1. Stalk is the best ability in the game. Works best when there are a group of counselors sticking together trying to get to a car or demask and kill you. Stalk, and pick them off 1 by 1 and they will get scared enough and start running around more, mess up more. had a group of 5 together and killed them all using stalk. there's always one that strays from the pack lol. Just make sure you got that shift down.

  2. I remember a time we’re I killed everyone and the only people that were left was Tommy Jarvis and Victoria Sterling IK they we’re gonna try and kill me as I was playing wit PT9 Jason as well so I Morphed to the Shack and waited for them 3 Minutes later I scared the hell outta them making them drop there controllers and I killed them both with the One shot punch from PT8

  3. I love the stalk ability but it's so hard not to rush the game, I really am a Jason with anxiety because I feel like they could escape in 2 seconds if I turn my back

  4. whenever i play with jason and there are several survivors alive in different places i go after one like any player would do and when they enter a house i break all the windows and the front door and then I hide and use the stalk to the survivors go out the front door and I kill them. GG

  5. So here's my story of wean I use stalk so I was playing Friday the 13th on computer right and this was a long long few days back on Higgins haven so there was a consuler going to call the police and the phone box was already repaired so j was part 4 jason right so j killed a consulor and I used my sense and say someone doing the phone box at Higgins so by the time I get there I saw a player going for the phone to call the cops and I ran to the house at Higgins and used stalk u ran up the stairs and grabbed the guy who was playing as Jenny he did not know that I was inside the house until I grabbed him and scared the sh*t out of him and I killed him and then I realized that someone grabbed the sweater out my shack and then I got killed I left the match afther that and said F*ok this

  6. Ohh mannn it was such an awesome chase and mind game up until the point where you got slashed to death- that shit ruins it all for me

  7. Effin' GREAT video! Incredible tips and use of the Stalk ability…..way underrated! GREAT 2-view play and commentary… Just great overall video! Thanks from 2019 😉

  8. Thank you. Not only have this helped in Friday the 13th but it has helped me tremendously in real life 🙂 thank you

  9. Here's a story when I used stalk.
    2 counselors were in a cabin and one of them was looking at the window so when I go in she gets out. I used stalk and grabbed the other counselor and the counselor that was looking in the window didn't even notice. After I killed the 1st one, I grabbed the one that was looking in the window and scared the sh*t out of her. She almost made me deaf by the scream she did xD.

  10. also stalk is a good way to play with counselors coz if a counselor is playing with you like going on the car and doing cyrcles you can press stalk and the player will run i hope you found this helpful(for me it was pretty helpful)

  11. How can I deal with group players attacking just to kill me cuz i try to hit one of them but than all of them start hitting me till my mask is off?

  12. I remember one game where there was a Chad and he kept closing doors on me now he had left one door open so he could escape throught that one because he thought I was gonna come in from the other door thats when I used stalk and came behind him and killed him

  13. Do we know when Jason shows up on the map for counselors as that red dot? I can’t really tell when or why that happens (except maybe if you use the Flare Gun to light him up)


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