Funny VIDEO GAME TROLLING Best of 2019 Epic Voice Trolling by Weregonnalose


Funny Video Game trolling reactions on a variety of video games gives you the best of Video Game trolling compilation and epic moments voice trolling on Nascar Heat 4, Nascar Heat 3, Call of Duty, The Division 2, Post Scriptum. Multiple trolling reactions from many different multiplayer video games. If you enjoyed these hilarious trolling reactions and multiplayer commentary be sure to subscribe to weregonnalose

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  1. Bro, which episode was it where you joined a nascar clan and strung them along for like 3 days or something? Got to the clan match and made them regret it instantly 😂

  2. You have been living the corona virus life since 2014 we'regonnadie… only you get paid for it., and also you get to troll hillbillies every city boys wet dream.. you must have been a horrible child

  3. This guy is begging to get his ass beaten. In real life. He's privately hoping someone finds him and whoops his ass. Please!!!! Find him!!!!!

  4. Next time you're on xbox I would love to help you with your work no credit needed just for the fun 😂😂 ThatDudeHawk

  5. "trolling" gen Z style, circa 2020.
    Notice how the interpreted meaning of the word, and the actions to implement it, have lost all semblance to what is classically defined as "trolling"
    Instead, we see the Gen Z specimen simply act out the most infantile, thoughtless and simple annoyances possible.

    Oh nevermind he's a meth baby.


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