Game 2! Kagero (Dragonic Overlord) Vs. Royal Paladin (Blasters) Post GBT-13! Cardfight!! Vanguard G


Welcome to Nexus Corps!

Game 2 of Dragonic Overlord “The Destiny” Vs. Blaster Blade Exceed. Enjoy!

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Music: Music: Fuzz – Wavy: Ethereal Records


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  1. When u first stride dragonic overlord the purge u activated GB3 but doesn’t the g guard not count as part of the generation break

  2. I thought that the kagero player should have double g guarded in the last minute and saves up his hand to survive the turn , if he had double g guarded he would have just enough cards in hand to defend and stride during the next turn.CMIIW

  3. how can dragonic overlord the destiny retire blster blade in 6:40 ????? because as long the grade 4 gancelot is face up in the G zone all of the rearguards with blaster blade in their card name had resist, so dragoic overlord the destiny cant retire any blaster blade right ????????????????


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