Game Grumps Animated – Ringo Starr's MSPaint Art – by LemonyFresh


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  1. I just realized you pulled a simpsons, everyone has 3 fingers with a thumb and god has 4 fingers with a thumb

  2. Me: Wondering if Dan is wearing a Yamaka or a beanie in this animation

    Also me: Remembers seeing Dan wearing his Giants beanie in some videos and pictures

    Conclusion: Dan is wearing a Yamaka in this animation

  3. “Sometimes you get a ball rolling down the hill and you don’t know it’s gonna land on a heap of children.” – God
    – Dan

  4. "This man is from the most influential band in music history"

    True, but he also wrote a song about an octopus in that band…

    (For the record in case anyone gets mad, I do like Octopus's Garden. It's just very easy and fun to diss it.)

  5. “Sometimes you gotta roll a ball down a hill, and you don’t know it’s gonna land on a heap of children”

    -Dan Avidan

  6. I am really impresed that even with blank eyes you can still tell where they are looking, that is incredible!! <3

  7. It’s hard to believe that the former member of one of the greatest band in history and such god awful art. I mean it sounds harsh but man let’s jus be glad that ringo didn’t presume his art career

  8. I don't watch a ton of game grumps animated. That being said I think this is my favorite. Loved the double head roll.

  9. I’ve seen these paintings up close, on sale in the lobby at one of the concerts for his All Star Band.

    If it makes him happy, I can’t be too critical.


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