Game Time – Burnie and Barb Play Dungeon Dashers


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A revolving cast of Rooster Teeth employees play video games extremely poorly.

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Game Time – Burnie and Barb Play Dungeon Dashers


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  1. Timestamps 🙂
    2:25–2:55 Playing Dungeons & Dragons
    3:47–4:07 Does a voice for the warrior character
    4:14–4:35 Pun: Action points, Batction points
    7:04–9:22/11:48–12:25 Growing up playing games, “gamer”?, her brothers, discovering RvB, Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    12:26–12:44/14:15–14:29/15:50–20:01 Joined the site, Burnie almost deleted her account, making stupid videos, Internet boyfriend
    21:09–22:14 “How did your family react…?”, RvBTO
    22:15–22:33 Pun: Caiti married some Jack-ass
    23:09–26:04 RvBTO, meeting Burnie
    27:41–28:59 Meeting Gavin and becoming friends
    29:47–30:31 Working with RT, RT Recap
    31:52–32:07 Pun: “This game isn't done, but it's Dungeon”
    32:11–39:14 PAX East, Fan Expo, RT Recap, getting hired, Miles, Immersion BTS, her job at RT
    39:33–39:56 Puns are the highest form of comedy
    40:37–47:07 Getting a Visa, starting at RT, false military story
    47:10–47:25/47:49–48:58 First appearing in RT videos/podcast
    51:12–57:18 Favorite content she's been in, Burnie being protective of her, receiving flak from some RT female employees, doing things that are considered “inappropriate”, Burnie about not wanting to take advantage
    57:18–59:40 Her family watching her on RT, not censoring herself
    1:00:48–1:02:29 Her job at RT
    1:03:03–1:03:15 Pun: “You could throw her into the lightning door and say: You look really electro-cute today”
    1:03:18–1:06:49 Reddit, Tumblr
    1:06:50–1:11:52 RWBY
    1:13:44–1:14:00 Pun: Burnie: “They're having a skeleton-making party” Barbara: “They're making a skeletonne” / 1:14:27 Burnie: “How many skeletons do you think are down there now, like 50?” Barbara: “A skeletonne”
    1:14:44–1:14:55/1:15:56–1:16:22 Want to do more live-action
    1:15:20–1:15:30 Pun: Burnie: “What if the skeletons start making skeletons, there's no cure for that” Barbara: “They'd be boned”
    1:17:44–1:17:53 Pun: Definitive defeat, “Defeanitive”
    1:18:59-end Pun: “I had a Game old Time” Burnie: “Goddamn it”

  2. I just came from Gavin's Game Time, and Barb's was incredibly less dramatic then his "origin story", but no less awesome! I love these, Burnie's incredible for taking interest in his people like this and the RT community as a whole is awesome for caring about the people as well. Just, everything about these videos is awesome!!!
    Love love love <3

  3. Completely agree with Barbara at 53:56. I love these guys for who they are and what they do and I hope they keep it up. RT is awesome! Oh, and Barbara is hot.

  4. Burnie is the best boss to have. He takes time to talk and communicate with his employees. He is more their friend than their boss

  5. Burnie: so you never thought of Gavin as an internet boyfriend?
    Barbara: No we just didn't talk enough
    they talked once a week over the dpan of ten years & she says they didnt talk enough man talk about clingy


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