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During a bug out situation, you may find yourself in a period of time when you are having to shelter in place for an extended period of time while you wait out an emergency situation. During that kind of situation, it would be nice to have some entertainment options that does not require power to help keep the morale up of you and your family. This Games Module is optional due to the extra weight, but could be included in a bug out bag if your evacuation situation could benefit from it (e.g., bugging out with kids). I have created a PDF of instructions for popular card games, dominoes, and Yahtzee that you can include with your bug out bag, store on an E-Reader, or as a file on your smartphone.


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  1. Weight is the key to survival… I've long since nixed them, but the only possible exception is playing cards.
    Research KEM Plastic Playing Cards.

  2. Maybe add a hackysac… for kicking around helping restless kids get some movement in, Aldo a few plastic deflated balloons. Kids can play volleyball for hours til it pops.

  3. Bro I love ur channel but I gotta ask… who plays bones with the locals on their honeymoon??? Just messin, keep up the great work!

  4. A set of dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, and d20) a laminated character sheet (for reference to draw more), some paper, and some pencils. Apocalypse D&D!

  5. UNO is huge in this house. We also love dominoes. I've also seen mini scrabble. Lots of mini games are coming out these days. Great ideas! I'll be putting one of these together. I have a deck of cards in my bag, but a whole entertainment bag would be nice.

  6. I have a deck of cards and a mini travel chess/checkers board in my bag as well. I figured that is enough since I normally am more resistant to morel loss then average anyway, but I might be with someone else, or meet someone out there. I think maybe the Yahtzee and Uno might be a good addition if I find myself with some children somehow. Thanks for the suggestion. I can also see some other uses for the dice as well.

  7. I would swap those playing cards out for these

    TipTop Things TT793585952306 Air Deck Trading Cards Playing, Black

  8. There are actually a lot of games for kids you can play with just a regular deck of cards (or a selection of them 1~10 f/e)… memory for example, or Quartets ( ~ just with 1~8 to get 32 cards), patience is also a game that once thought to a kid 6+ can keep them busy for hours… Personally i go with 2 sets of cards, because various card games actually use two stocks… ps. i really liked some of those 'mini' game versions, and i would like to mention that a lot of games have travel editions! those can be a great source for very specific versions of games you may know your family likes to play!

  9. 1:46 If space is at a premium, there are smaller sized decks, like the quite slim Air Deck[1] or several different mini decks. I recommend checking out TheCardists, a YT channel that specializes in reviewing playing cards, and searching for "mini"[2], which should return at least half a dozen videos about mini decks.


  10. Love the game ideas. I'm gonna swap out some of the ones in my preps for these others that are more travel friendly.

  11. Arrrrrgh… I seriously doubt that my kids, 7 and 15 would survive any bugout situation for more than 2 hours without 4G network and fully charged smartphone… Oh well.. Great video 😅

  12. Maybe not BOBable, but the Tiny Epic series of games is really affordable, with a tiny footprint, making them a really great option for having a variety of eurogames in MUCH smaller packages.

  13. When younger my cousins and I played a version of the TV game Concentration. Shuffle the cards and lay all cards face down on a large table or the floor. A player turns over two cards, two of a kind are a match. The player picks up his cards. No match, turn them back over in the same position. Everyone playing has to pay attention. The player with the most cards after all matches wins. Increase difficulty with a count down from 10 to force faster selections.

  14. Love the video and the ideas. My only recommendation is to replace the dominos with "card dominos". Cuts down on the weight and size quite significantly.

  15. Why not print your yahtzee score card on plastic and then you can reuse it, just use a marker.

    Also you can get those novelty tiny playing cards if space is an issue. You can play uno with normal playing cards, just leave in the jokers.

    I also put in a harmonica but only use it when I'm alone because I'm terrible at it.

    I love that magnetic chess game, but there's got to be a version that is that small and has multiple games like ludo. Have you found any?

  16. Perhaps instead of UNO and Phase 10 you could pack 3 standard playing card decks. That way you can still play those games while also offering redundancy so you're not screwed if a single card gets lost or damaged.

    Instead or "UNO" you can play "Crazy 8s" which uses a standard deck. There are also rule variants like "Extreme Crazy 8s" to give an extra level of fun.

    Instead of "Phase 10" you can play "Shanghai Rummy" which uses 3 standard decks. It is nearly identical to phase 10.

    Also 3 people could play solitaire individually which has many rule variants also (osmosis, pyramid, spider.)

    And I want to shout out to Cribbage which is my favorite game. That only uses a standard deck. You could keep track of points anyway you'd like but a small cribbage board could double as a container for your dominoes or hold your cards.

  17. I have a Nintendo Switch in my bag. Since it has a charges off of a micro USB, I can use my battery pack and solar panels to give it juice.

  18. This is a pretty out dated question but I got to thinking, are there gas mask for children that are the same quality of the ones you have reviewed on your channel? If there are what do you use?

  19. Games are a big part of our everyday life. We have a lot of packable games that can bring normalcy to any situation.

  20. Good Ideas, Great Video. I have always kept a deck of cars in my vehicle since I first started driving. Great for when you get stranded somewhere or need a break while camping out. The items you put here are similar to a pack I have with my camping gear. There are a huge number of Dice Games besides Yahtzee that can be played… Be happy to send a list of some that I include with a set of Lawn Dice I make.
    Another easy option would be a set of Tangrams, hours to make designs and various shapes.

  21. you could get a set of small magnets to use as checkers for your chess set. last year I sent a travel Scrabble game to someone who could not get it locally in her country, it's too big for a pencil case but the Scrabble case could store a few other small items

  22. Love your videos. I suggest you add this in place of the 5 dice. Mini farkel. Legendary Games LGII07030 Original Pocket Farkel, Red

  23. Good choice of games, TUP. All are great for fun and killing time in a group. Like if you are stuck in some shelter, not knowing when or if you'll be rescued. They'll put smiles on people's faces for a brief moment in a dark time.

    May I add that many famous games only requires a pen and some paper?

    And, speaking of paper, for some children drawing is a great way to temporarily escape from reality. So, I would absolutely recommend a good notebook and some pencils. When drawing, children can entertain themselves for hours. And it can help them to better process the traumatic situation surrounding them.

    (Paper can also be used to draw maps of an unknown area, or as tinder, or as toilet paper, or for writing messages when coms are down, or for covering windows, so the zombies won't see you.)

    And while the kids are drawing, the adults can talk about how the hell we're gonna get out of this mess!! 😀


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