Gemma's Best-Ever Banana Bread



Hi Bold Bakers! If it says “Best Ever” you know I mean it. Just like my Best-Ever Brownies & Cinnamon Rolls, this Best-Ever Banana Bread is the BOMB! Enjoy a soft cake-like texture, lovely sweet banana flavor and a warm, toasty crust with my recipe. So let’s get baking!

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  1. Hi there, since i don't have a loaf pan at hand currently can i use a 8×8 square cake pan? How long would it take to bake this bread?

  2. I have been craving banana bread for a while and I have decided to give it a try today. I added raisins. However, I think something went wrong with mine cause the outside part is not that soft. Is that normal? Nonetheless, it tastes good and the inside is soo soft. Craving satisfied ♥️

  3. Thanks for the wonderful recipe… I added Dried Apricots, Raisins, and slivered walnuts… So good! Please continue sharing easy baked recipes and desserts…

  4. Thank you for sharing your recipes. I also cover my baked goodies with foil while they are still hot, like cakes, cupcakes and muffins. To keep them moist ☺️

  5. Hi Gemma ! Great recipe and great taste 🙂 I was wondering, do you know why the bread has not rise as high as yours ?

  6. Omg gemma this recipie is absolutely beute!!…just followed your tips and its knockout..choc chips here for me omg so good

  7. Gemma, one more question, thank you for answering the previously. If i can't eat eggs, and i only have chia eggs. What is the proportion? is it 1 tablespoon of chia and 3 tablespoon of water for one egg. can i use it in this recipe 2 TBSP chia and 6 TBSP water? thank you lovely gemma…

  8. Gemmaaaaa helpppp…how can i change the white flour into whole wheat flour….how should i change the recipe dan proportion?

  9. Hi Gemma! Love your channel. I'm new to baking. Just wanted to know which mode to bake. Like how do I want the heat coming out? Just bottom or from both top and bottom? Please help.

  10. Can I add something else instead of oats to make the bread moist and soft? I know you said the recipe can be made without oats too but is there a substitute for it which will give similar results to addition of oats ?

  11. I would really like to make this recipe, but the bananas where I live are tiny. Can you tell me approximately how much 3 medium mashed bananas are in cups?

  12. Came out so well … thanks Gemma ..for the lovely recipe probably d best ever I made d eggless one substituted it with buttermilk which once again was from ur recipe …what a hit …👍🏻

  13. I wonder if it's possible to bake in a microwave using a silicone mold. Not sure if I want to waste my bananas. I love banana bread. The oats make a difference.

  14. I made this banana bread with spelt flour and without eggs because normal flours are just gone in the supermarkets, it worked! It turned out great 🙈. Thank you so much, you've become my go-to baker when I want to try something out and it worked every time! I love how your recipes are so genuine! Many thanks ♥️♥️♥️~~~

  15. Hi I love a good tiramisu…… I was wondering if you can make a video for that ….. I would really appreciate it
    I my banna bread is baking right now and I look forward to it as it smells Delish


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