Highlights of Antilia's development in 2018


In this week’s video I reflect on some of the highlights for Antilia in 2018, and (attempt) to share some encouragement on the topic of setbacks and challenges from my experience on the project.

What I was trying to express towards the end of the video is a sense of great satisfaction I’ve felt lately from continuing to work on Antilia through setbacks, uncertainty, and frustrating technical challenges. At last I am beginning to see a bit of light on the other end of the “design refactoring tunnel”.

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  1. I wish you would release all the old and different versions for archival/play around with purposes (I remember when the engine/toolset was available for download, it was fun to play around with then)

  2. Yet another nice look at what's come of this game so far. Again, looking forward to seeing it progress, and hopefully a public test before long (but no rush, of course).

  3. Great video! I was looking forward to Antilia’s welcoming the new year. That was a great statement at the end about goal setting and motivation. It’s fantastic to see all of the ways Antilia has progressed and will continue to develop in the new year.

  4. If I had to hunt fish to survive than using a spear be my choice of tool to use. Speed an stealth for using a spear(for assassin/rogue builds). Strength an maybe wisdom for fishing pole(for knight/warrior bulids). Larger the fish requires higher stats that determines difficulty to capture. For the more magically talented might use levitation on a fish(efficiency in mana an size of fish determines mana drain). That is what my wild imagination would love to become a reality in your game one day. Fishing pole is the main focus here I assume.

  5. an optional goal is a editor demo for us to play with. think of it like micecraft when in creative mode with a flat world you have to make your self…..if that makes since. even though you don't see SLI/Crossfire in the over all design because of how much extra work it would add, but some implementation would be nice because if people are gonna mod it, multi card would help slightly with future proofing. example EMB"lighting mods" as well as environmental mods like grass and stuff will reduce performance to the point where higher end systems would be needed to run those mods. but multi card should not be in the pipeline for 2019, may be 2021….if its possible


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