Hitch and Timber For The WIN!!! | Step Up Your EDC Game With Pocket Organizers


Today we are taking a look at how to step your EDC game up…..some great pocket organizers from Hitch and Timber. The leather goods sold at Hitch and Timber have really impressed me with there awesome quality and functionality. We are taking a look at 3 models from Hitch and Timber, the Mini Engineer, the Runt 2.0, and the Proper Slip. All great ways to help organize your EDC and allow you to keep all that clutter down in your pockets.

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  1. Hey fella, I've uploaded a YouTube video today. This isn't SPAM I promise. I mentioned some stuff from Hitch & Timber and used the link to this video. This a great video showing these slips off and I thought it best to say I'd used your link. I'm not trying to steal your content, just wanted to pass viewers your way. Happy to remove if you're not OK with that. Stay safe and well buddy … Moorlander EDC

  2. I just bought the H&T runt 2.0 xl and the utility pouch. Needless to say, the moment my wife seen the bank account the next day, I've been sleepin outside with the horses and dog. Now, it's dropped back down into the 30s at night back here in Ohio. Although, as she gets to sleep in the warmth of the house, while I get to snuggle up to a great Pyrenees for warmth, I know my edc just ascended to Super Saiyan levels.

  3. Literally found your channel a couple of days ago and Bro you have become one of my favorite you tubers your channel is awesome, thank you…

  4. Awesome video and I love Hitch and Timber products. Random question, what kind of shorts are those because I want some?

  5. I actually subscribed to your channel because of your bugout and the other cool shit you have. I just bought the same bugout, but the brass scales are out of stock so if you know another good source for brass or titanium brass colored scales I’m open to other sources

  6. Just found your channel, first vid was acid etching your Spyderco… Just thought I'd mention the CRKT Daktyl as a fantastic fidget knife… I keep it at my desk for that very reason … Check it out, love it!

  7. Just ordered some products and can´t wait to put my stuff in. But man, all this brass stauff is awesome. I´ve never seen the I3T with this tail. Was it a special edition or something?! So so beautiful!

  8. I have never watched u before then in the first line you said mam shit. It was amazing im hooked already

  9. Bugout scales are a pain in the ASS because of the captive pivot’s super tight fit on the flytanium scales. Also, my 2 edc blades are the copper flytanium bugout and ultratech

  10. And just like Michael's Instagram account for you, this video's made me spend over $200 on a EDC kit. Including a little something from Hitch and Timber. Cheers mate 👍

  11. Thank you for the video. I've enjoyed carrying a Hitch & Timber "Duz all" for the last year or so. In it, I carry an Eastern Cutlery model #721116 Cody Scout lockback with matte green micarta scales, a tiny "Foxlite" flashlight, not because I really need one, but it seems everyone else does, so I decided to. The notebook is a handy addition that I use on occasion. I really splurged on the pen–a Caran D'ache Ecridor XS, and finally, in the back pocket I carry a thin, credit card sized magnifying glass with a 3" scale printed on it side. Next to the knife, I use the scale a lot.


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