HỌC TIẾNG ANH QUA VIDEO Ý NGHĨA // Sự Hoàn Hảo – Vi-rút Của Thời Đại


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What’s good everyone!
JST brings you another subtitled video about ‘Perfection’.
Does perfection really exist? Yes or No? Let’s find out in this video and come back here for some Uses of English and Vocabulary

♦️Uses of English♦️

1️⃣/ being free from: in some cases, “free” means “clear of” or “without”
Trong một số trường hợp, “free” có nghĩa là không chứa đựng, thoát khỏi

2️⃣/ it has driven me crazy: greatly exasperate someone, annoy to distraction.
Nó khiến tôi khổ sở/ Nó khiến tôi bấn loạn

3️⃣/ when it comes to: used to identify the specific topic that is being talked about.
Khi nói đến/ đề cập đến việc gì đó

4️⃣/ live up to something: try to be as good as what was expected or promised
Cố sống theo mong đợi hoặc tiêu chuẩn nào đó


1️⃣/ Flaw /flɑː/ (n): a fault, a mistake, or weakness, especially one that happens while something is being planned or made, or that causes something not to be perfect (sơ suất, lỗi lầm, lỗ hỏng)

2️⃣/ Straightjacket /ˈstreɪtˌdʒæk•ɪt/ (n.): a jacket made of strong canvas material with long sleeves for binding the arms of violent prisoners or mentally ill patients (áo khóa tay)

3️⃣/ Peer /pɪr/ (n.): a person of the same age, status, or ability as another specified person (bạn cùng trang lứa, đồng nghiệp)

4️⃣/ Bark /bɑːrk/ (n.): the hard outer covering of a tree (vỏ cây)
Bark: the loud, rough noise that a dog and some other animals make (tiếng chó sủa)

5️⃣/ Pretzel /ˈpret.səl/ (n.): a hard salty biscuit that has been baked in a stick or knot shape (Bánh Brezel, loại bánh hình nút vòng xoắn)

❕Note: Some sources of the definition above are may obtained from many references.

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