How to Burn XGD3 Xbox 360 Games Verbatim & Aone Plus 2011 to 2016


This tutorial will show you how to burn XGD3 games. Games from 2011 to 2014 using Verbatim and Aone plus disks.

XGD2 tutorial:

Disks Needed: DVD+R DL 8.5GB



Burner Max Payload Tool:

Burner Max Firmware:



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  1. There is overburn method for people who don't have Ihas or burner max enabled for them why didn't u mention that

  2. do i need a special dvd drive for this ? ive been burning videos using my ordinary Desk Top pc ,but would it work with burning Xbox 360 games?

  3. you can buy the drives here pre installed plug and play

  4. you can buy the drives here pre flashed

  5. just wondering, the only difference of burning xdg2 & xdg3 game is xdg3 you need to play around with imgburn settings?

  6. Hi.
    So Aone and other low end discs wont work with other LiteOn drives but the B revision? How come? Is it the write speed issue only, or something else too?

  7. Hey can you please help me Is there anyway of burning games with a laptop I've looked everywheres and can't find a tutorial. Please help!!:(

  8. Bro i dont have iHas drive. I only have HL-DT-ST DVDRAM (D:)  What do you think? should work or not? in burning XGD3 Games? I use Laptop Acer.

  9. you can buy the drives pre flashed here

  10. you can buy the dvd drives here preflashed

  11. ive been trying to burn xdg3 without truncate for a while now but i rarely have success,this is my first lot of verbatims instead of ritek but, my buffer goes way up to 1024, much more then ive ever seen on a liteon  …should i put it all the way up ? or leave it at 512
    im yet to try your settings but im just trying to avoid another coaster 


  12. hi you can buy the drives here no flashing required just plug and play


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