How To Make A Multiplayer Game In Unity – Client-Server – Mirror Networking


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  1. I am considering Unity with Mirror to make a dedicated server that can handle at least the following:

    * TCP/UDP

    * Server list

    * Lobby

    * Syncing objects, physics and animations

    I know Mirror supports these features. My main concern is the client/server model. A player must host a game and will be the server and client. But if the player is not playing/offline the game is not there.

    Anybody has resources/inisghts/tutorials in doing a Unity project with Mirror for the server part only and

    make a seperate Unity project for the client ?

    Or is it better to make the dedicated server as a seperate (visual studio) command line project ?

    I am worried about issues like registering instances and syncing Unity objects with the (non Unity) server

  2. I have tried the example scene of the tanks and I see a little delay between the cannon rotation and the projectile firing, would you know how to fix this problem?. Thanks.

  3. So this is going to be the last step for me. I have no coding experience but I'm really determined to make my own game. How long does it take to learn unity coding?

  4. Hello i tried to play this game from two different pc but i can't connect the client with server. Please help me

  5. FUN FACT : Try playing the video at " 0.75 X " speed for better tutorial experience. THANK ME LATER 😉.

  6. I hate your mirror tutorials because you are using new input system and I hate it because I can't understand is I can be allot more helpful to some people if you re-make this tutorial series but with the old input system

  7. i want to know how its called and whay no 1 do it……..
    1 mmo 1 map 1 world…… more then 1 server but—- all servers are showing u the same stuff in the game.
    way no mmo making thayr servers conect to eatch other and move information from 1 to enother …

    almost all mmos have more then 1 server and every server is somethnig els and we can see others on other servers …
    is it posible to conect uk and ru server to make peoples to see eatch other in the same game??? can we make them conect or mirror using aws or what ever…
    will be happe to hear from u in skyp xreiix1234 mail

  8. i cnat remeber the last time i followed a tutorial and everything worked on the first try without me having to find a way around everything


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