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Hi firand I show you how to make merit in pubg mobile

Hey guys need some help… My friend knocked out our whole squad with a granade while pushing to a building but he revived us 😬… But now his merit points is 35 and he can’t play squad or duo…. Any way to earn merit points back?

However, even that this situation is still very popular in the game, making PUBG Mobile becomes less beautiful in the eyes of many gamers. But everything changes when PUBG Mobile global version has integrated Merit system to measure the behavior of gamers. It not only acts as a ladder to assess the player’s behavior in the game, it also prevents PUBG Mobile’s Hack / Cheat. In order to help gamers understand this Merit system, GameHub will list the entire Merit rules here.
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Cổng thông tin chuyên biệt đánh giá Game Mobile | GamehubAlthough on PUBG the killing of teammates is handled appropriately, this issue in PUBG Mobile still makes gamers obsessed from the first days. The image that some players killing their teammates to rob the items has appeared frequently, so many players feel bored to team up with strangers. In fact, the development team has realized this from the beginning and immediately upgrade Report system as well as some of the gameplay mechanics in PUBG Mobile.
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Cổng thông tin chuyên biệt đánh giá Game Mobile | Gamehub


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