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I show how pin-tumbler locks work and how they can be opened using lockpicks. This is a fairly basic view about lock picking but I wanted to make it comprehensive to give people a good idea of the concepts. As well as a foundation for beginners in lock picking to get a better view of how a lock works and how it can be exploited. The pin-tumbler is a very common lock mechanism that uses pins of varying lengths to prevent the lock from opening without the correct key. Most locks around the home or office are simple pin-and-tumbler locks and can be relatively easy to open using a pick and a tension wrench.

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While the process is simple and can be mastered with practice, picking such a lock requires a great deal of patience. It can be a hobby as well as a practical skill. Locksmiths define lock-picking as the manipulation of a lock’s components to open a lock without a key. To understand lock picking you first have to know how locks and keys work. Most locks are based on fairly similar concepts but they do come in all shapes and sizes, with many design variations. As this is just to cover the basics I don’t go over security pins or more advanced techniques. This video is for educational purposes only.

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Lockpicking is the art of unlocking a lock by analyzing and manipulating the components of the lock device without the original key. In addition, ideal lock picking should not damage the lock itself, allowing it to be rekeyed for later use, which is especially important with antique locks that would be impossible to replace if destructive entry methods were used. Although lock picking can be associated with criminal intent, it is an essential skill for a locksmith and is often pursued by law-abiding citizens as a useful skill to learn or simply a hobby. The move towards combination locks for high-security items such as safes was intended to remove the weakest part of the lock: its keyhole.

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  1. This video was very informative and I think I learned how to do it, but I cant find any propper tools and just rammed the door the down instead, I'll fix it later

  2. My evil 😈 plan:
    I am going to open the lock of my parents door and see where that moaning sound is coming from.

  3. i just bought a locpick set. read a book how to do it and i got the just of it. i tried what i learned soon as i got the dummy set with the clear lock i couldnt get anywhere then i figured ill try youtube and bam just like that with the raking technique i got it in seconds….i probably wont ever use lockpicking but if you're ever in a jam lkike its the end of the world its useful to be able to get shelter in places…wont happen in my time but something to know i guess..raking is much easier.

  4. Decided to test my own locks immediately after buying a rake and single tension rod.. immediately opened. Will be getting a new lock

  5. So you are telling me someone can just watch this video and come into my house anytime they want? That's lit dude.



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