How to Play Force of Will – Episode 1: The Basics

Mike goes over the basics of Force of Will. If you are new to the game and looking for somewhere to begin, look no further!

Important Timestamps:

0:41 Types of Cards
2:55 Rest
3:34 Recover
4:10 Draw
5:13 The Game Board
9:05 Calling a Stone
10:03 Judgment and J-Rulers
12:16 Parts of a Card
16:25 Playing a Resonator
17:02 Playing a Spell
17:50 Playing a Regalia
18:44 Playing a Regalia with Cost/Void Will
19:24 Recovery Phase
19:57 The Graveyard
20:49 The Chant-Standby Area

Link to the Force of Will Subreddit:

Link to the Force of Will Comprehensive Rules:


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