How to Play Force of Will – Episode 1: The Basics


Mike goes over the basics of Force of Will. If you are new to the game and looking for somewhere to begin, look no further!

Important Timestamps:

0:41 Types of Cards
2:55 Rest
3:34 Recover
4:10 Draw
5:13 The Game Board
9:05 Calling a Stone
10:03 Judgment and J-Rulers
12:16 Parts of a Card
16:25 Playing a Resonator
17:02 Playing a Spell
17:50 Playing a Regalia
18:44 Playing a Regalia with Cost/Void Will
19:24 Recovery Phase
19:57 The Graveyard
20:49 The Chant-Standby Area

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Link to the Force of Will Comprehensive Rules:


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  1. i am pretty new to the game and i have a few questions:
    when playing a regalia or a resonator which has an effect when you tap/exhaust it, can you tap it the turn it arrived on the field?
    when my opponent summoned a resonator on my turn can it block attacks this turn?
    when my ruler is on the field and i want to acitvate its God Ability, can i do that immediately or do i have to wait a turn?
    As you can probably see i am not sure about if certain cards can be tapped when they arrive on the field.

    If someone could help me i would really appreciate it :).

  2. Worst tutorial….all over the place.
    Not linear at all.
    1. Explain the game action
    2. Then explain cards.

  3. Tries to explain the game, and all I'm thinking is how does she fight without her titties spilling out?

    Great video by the way. I'm mentally (and physically) prepared.

  4. Just started playing yesterday with a deck a friend made that's based around the ruler Mercurius Wizard of the Water Star. Any tips? Cards I should look into?

  5. I'm pretty new to this card game and so far it looks fun. This video helps a lot. Looking forward to some more! 😊

  6. when you jugment can you really dicide that your jugde stays in the ruler area ? did j rulers are able to attack the turn they turn into judges or did they have to wait ? when i decide to leav my judge in the rulker aära when can i send him out on the battle field ? did he has swiftment then ? so can i jugdment wait one round in the ruler aräa that he cant get any damage and then send him out and attack ?

  7. good video. The art is great and it seems they take a lot of ideas straight out of Magicthegathering, while the combat remainds me of warcraft. Got a few questions
    1-What is the meanin behind the 5 kinds of wiil?
    2-What is the meaning or lore explanation for the ruler starting as a ruler and transforming into a j-ruler? what does the J in j-ruler mean?

  8. Hi Deep Wood FoW. Thanks for making this really useful tutorial! Is this game like Commander in Magic, where your deck can only contain cards of the same color as your ruler?

  9. I'm still a novice player but I have been building a deck for quite sometime but one thing that confuses me is how do you play spell chant instant cards? can those be played in your chant stand by Area or can they only be played from your hand?

  10. You need to change spells to chants and separate additions. All cards except rulers and stones are spells. You will completely mess up new players if you don't correct that. Otherwise great job.

  11. I like the tutorial thanks more videos like this is needed for new players that still are checking out this game tho I thought this video would explain more about the J/resonator that are summoned can not attack or activated abilities that require them to tap on the turn they're summoned unless it has swiftness and like the way how new changes to astral ruler and etc..?..but this IS just part one o. o) great good keeping it simple!


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