How to Recall like a CHALLENGER in 8 Minutes! | Skill Capped


DESTROY Low Elo with CHALLENGER Recall Timings!


LoL Guide Description: In this guide we send Hector to play a smurf game to show how challenger recall timings absolutely smash the lane phase. No mechanics required!

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  1. When you see these challengers and the way they analyze the game, its almost like they are a psychopaths😨

  2. The worst thing is that you learn all that stuff, but then you're in a game with someone who doesn't know what they're doing. And they keep recalling at the wrong time and make wrong decisions

  3. Tbh this start mostly worked because he was playing mf with the passive ms on her w she can easy pull of a lvl 3 recall to get another blade. And cuz of her lane pressure shes able to push most adcs back.

  4. Me, an intellectual, looking at the title only:
    Proceeds to always recall exactly at the 8th minute of the game

  5. do vid like this against a lane bully champ. and also what happened when get behind a lil. u guys always go the easy way around.

  6. Can someone explain why the lane state in the beginning is really bad? Is it because the lane is pushed just outside the enemy tower, leaving the MF/Pyke open to jungle ganks?

  7. I don't think it was his recall time so much as his 4 level lead. Unless his recalls were the reason for that.

  8. its seems so easy by watching, but there are many many factors u need to respect. Like, how did he know he had to recall right there to buy another Dorans? Its sometimes harder then it seems. sometimes Im with 100hp under turret with 200g and backing buying refillables or 2 pots (depoents) to get immediately get poked down under turret again. had such a game yesterday as Kaisa/thresh vs Aphelios/senna. My premade jungler didnt helped me out of the situation, but thats a story for another whatif.. ehh.. skill capped.

    What do to in a losing matchup where u just get stomped out of the lane?

  9. well i know that i am early but most of things happening here can happen by luck in gold elo when the enemy is that bad and your team is playing not terribly , what about a good bot (as good as a gold bot can be)

  10. Let's take a look at a game where Hector won purely of off recalls… adc Yasuo can't do shit because Soraka is afk and trolls after coming back. Teach me this recall strat!!

  11. Dear skillcapped: Why doesnt Hector use E on kha at drake (to slow him on his way to the crab speed up since it's the only way to get out [vlad and ww at mid would catch him in the other direction])? + he's sitting on 310mana which enables him to do a full spell rotation having mana for an extra Q and E. Timestamp: 7:22,5


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