How To Sign up a Sina Weibo Account in 2019?


How to register a Sina Weibo for your business? How to change Weibo sigh up the website into the English version? Weibo, WeChat, TikTok are the top 3 best Chinese social media apps in 2019. In this video, I’ll show you how to sign up Sina Weibo account. I’ll break it down in five steps.


If you want to jump into the English version of Weibo sign-up page:

If you couldn’t sign up Weibo due to regional areas or couldn’t get SMS code, you can log in via your Facebook here:

If you want to know what’s the Sina Weibo? How does it work? What’re the benefits for your business?

If you’re curious about other most popular Chinese social media, you can find them here:



🌟Little Red Book:


⚡️WeChat Official Account Website in English:
⚡️ English version of Weibo sign-up page:

⚡️TikTok overseas version download:
⚡️Chinese version Dou Yin website:

Jian Ying 剪映:
TikTok mother company: Dytedance:

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  1. Why chinese make damn lot of struggles to get in their apps.. I'm just learning Mandarin Chinese in a country which Chinese people are not soo many soo its my only way to get used to characters and practice my Chinese.. Like in Instagram there is Chinese people but I'm obliged to learn traditional characters to know what they say

  2. Love from, xiao zhan and wang yibo is my fav chinese actor, pls give me both of them name in chinese.then i'll search for it in weibo

  3. Very good video. If you want an official account on Weibo different process

  4. I did get the verification, but when I put it in, it keeps saying something like "Code is incorrect" despite it being correct.

  5. 2020, there's no sign up with email but only with phone number … which is a big problem when my phone number is invalid

  6. Hey! In person account sign up there's no option of email id input… I have to enter my phone number and there's no regional code for my country in the country's list so I won't get the verification code, it says invalid number. What do I do? But there is email option in the sign up of official account. I'm from Pakistan.

  7. please can someone create an Weibo account for me; MOROCCO isn't included 😭😭 i can pay you with pay-pal

  8. I'm having a problem with my account, basically I signed up with my phone number, and it was all okay for a couple of weeks. The other day however, weibo told me that I need to verify my account and it's gonna be deactivated until I verify it. I started the process to do it but when I put my phone number (the same I used to sign up) they say it doesn't exist or that it's not valid.. I think it might be because my country is not covered by weibo? But then why I was able to sign up and it worked well all this time? I even received some messages with codes on my phone number when I was signing up..
    It's not a problem not being able to use that account, I can always make another one.. but I don't wanna lose the things I posted there.. and now as the account is deactivated they can't be found..
    I tried to email weibo but I think those were not the right emails and I'm not even sure they actually have a staff email lol
    So idk what to do and it's really frustrating

  9. Hi china! 😊 I kept following every step in the video, but there was a problem I can't resolve. I'm from the Philippines. When I put my phone number there I didn't recieve a code. I tried it again and I found out that it should be "+63" followed by the phone number not "0063". What will I do now? Is there any solution for this matter? Thank you for helping me out. 😊


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