How to Start Playing Force of Will 2020 ► + Alice Origin 1 Starters Opened!


►NOW more than ever is the best time to start playing Force of Will!

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About the game:
Trading Card Game 【Force of Will】. There is a latent power within you, the strength and strategy that will lead you to victory. Awaken your will. Choose your ruler, join the fight!

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  1. I got into this when it came across to the UK. Shame the fire/darkness deck doesn't have the Guinevere/rukh's egg combo

  2. New player want to play and control decks are my thing only reason I know is cause I used to play mtg and was a very heavy control player on not so rare occasion i would play midrange( control deck but better early game win rate). My color identity in magic was esper (white, blue, black) and played very few creatures and lots of things that either got rid of threats or made them waste resources…any ideas on what be a good deck to look for reply to me in this comment i would very much be interested in learning EVERYTHING about the game!!!

  3. Literally never heard of this card game till this second and it looks cool I've played/still play; future card buddyfight, cardfight vanguard, yugioh, pokemon, magic the gathering, and UNO not sure how this game works but if I can get some tips please

  4. I played this game years ago but not one other person wanted to play with me. I wanna play again so this video is dope. Thank you!

  5. For any TCG, I'm more of a collector than a player. And I, like many others, like FoW's artwork. I tried to start collecting mid-2019 and haven't really touched it since but I wanna' try to pick it back up.

  6. Bought a pack that had the faira and melgus decks for $15 from amazon, and i have 5, 7 kings starter decks that I bought for $5-8 each from a local game shop, and bought the valkyria box for $10. I like the artwork

  7. I want to thank you for getting me into force of will with this video. This game has a lot of religion based gods and goddesses which i love in card games

  8. I own every single set and I don't even know the rules…i just LOVE the artwork lol. The only one im missing is Decisive Battle of Valhalla so if you have one for sale, PLEASE hit me up!!

  9. I want to get into the game, but I'm more a "unlimited" format guy. You know where every set is legal. Not a fan of rotation formats where they take cards away from you. The deck I wanna play is Aimul, but I have no idea what to buy. She is quite expensive to buy as single and Idk how high the chances are to get her out of a box. Also I don't have friends who play the game so that's another problem.

    What would you recommand?

  10. A friend asked me to play but I don't know what deck to build. I usually like to make decks based off my favorite artwork in other card games. Is it possible to do the same in force of will? I like the art of red riding hood from what I have seen so far.

  11. Is reiya cluster 2 any good I wanna play kinda competitive and I just got it for Christmas so I was wondering if I can use that


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