In this video, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Thanatos Tower. We’ll cover the rules and mechanics, the different rewards you’ll obtain, and the most useful strategies for winning.

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  1. one question about the rare drop (wing,egg,helm), is it a random drop from the valk or everybody gets it if the valk drops it?

  2. Hi Maven, hope everything is fine !

    Miss your vids, they do help a lot. Bu today I came to ask for a Thanatos 3f and 4F guide. Can you do these? Please.

    We're having a hard time trying those or if can't make a vid, can recommend one?

    Thanks for everything 🙂

  3. Hi could anyone clarify for me how the finishing Brave to skip Novice works in terms of the special rewards? (Valkyrie: Helm, Wings, Pet/ Tesseract: Rune, Key, Back thing)

    Do you get two chances for the special drops if you finish Novice and Brave…? Or does the game also account for that if you skip Novice and just finish Brave? o:

  4. Miss maven the blazing what? That aura item can u comment the full of that.. sorry have a hearing problem thank u ❤

  5. Thank you for the tips! can u share how to thanathos for priest/ab? like the build preferred, how much hp,def,mdef needed. equipment, gameplay etc. i've been searching around for guides

  6. There's another method to deal with F1 Valkyrie during phase 1. Once Valkyrie picks a target, she will chase after that target until she lands a few hits/kill them/gets taunted. Valkyrie moves at about 135-140% of a player movement speed so if you get the person being target blessed and mounted, he can easily outrun the Valkyrie. As long as you kite in circle properly and the Valkyrie isn't taunted away, she will not get to land a hit until phase 1 is over. And if she doesn't get to land a hit, she will not create any new energy field or charge an attack. This makes phase 1 extremely trivial as the Valkyrie factor is removed entirely and all you lose is 1 guy running in circle.

  7. I'll will add this info to the yellow cutting beam. The beam will follow the red marked player on their top of their head. Sorry my English is bad 🙁


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