In the Hall of the Mountain King – Edvard Grieg | Impossible Piano Remix | Black MIDI @Sir Spork


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♫ One of the great orchestral classics, remixed into Black MIDI by my good friend @Sir Spork! Watch on as it descends into pure madness! (Note: I did lower the volume of several channels in this MIDI in order to make the audio clearer. For a truer Black MIDI experience where the note art and phrases are more audible, please watch Sir Spork’s video, which is linked below!)

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Black MIDI by Sir Spork:

© The music that has been remixed into Black MIDI in this video is the orchestral piece “In The Hall of the Mountain King”, which was originally composed by the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg in 1875. This music is in the public domain as it was published before the year 1923. Permission in writing to upload this MIDI has also been obtained from the MIDI author, Sir Spork.



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  1. Thanks for uploading my MIDI :DDD
    Edit: This video now has more views than notes, hope you're proud of yourselves

  2. When the teacher says "Essays please" and everyone starts handing in essays, but you didn't know there was an essay: 3:05

  3. Either this is a mutant with 20 arms or this is set up by a computer, or number three there's a person with one finger on each key with the most insane amount of sync

  4. Won’t lie.
    The beginning had me thinking: oh that’s easy, sure it’s fast but doable…

    Oh how wrong I was.

  5. No one:
    Asian kids : ok time to play this backwards with a blindfold on at 2x speed and that’ll be it for today’s warmup.

  6. Me seeing 2:00 : wow that's a lot!
    Me seeing 2:36 : Shit i'm out. O.O
    Me seeing 3:06 : THE HELL
    Me Hearing and seeing 4:11 : coffin meme starts playing
    Me Seeing 4:42 : I-uh…. HOW THE FU-

  7. 2020 Progression:

    0:24 – Kobe dies
    1:01 – First Corona virus appearances
    1:14 -Toilet paper disappears from stores
    1:37– Director found guilty of sexually assaulting his actresses
    1:57 – Schools shut down
    2:16 – Protests of being able to go in stores
    2:26 – George Floyd dies because of his skin color (He was black 🙁
    2:37 – Corona virus now found in every country except parts of africa and greenland
    Predictions down below |
    2:56 – Joe Biden and Donald Trump start battling for President
    3:12 – Meteor in July 2020?
    3:28 October Murder Clowns
    3:40 – 5:02 December's Final Boss

  8. Even Star Platinum (Who can catch a bullet at point blank range and is faster than the speed of sound) Can't play this


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